All Monkey Paw Wishes and Their Effects in Phasmophobia


All Monkey Paw wishes and their effects in Phasmophobia

Phasmophobia is a popular multiplayer horror game that puts players in the shoes of ghost hunters. One of the unique features of the game is the Monkey Paw mechanic, where players can make wishes that come at a price. These wishes can have a variety of effects, both positive and negative, and can drastically change the course of a game.

One of the most commonly used wishes in Phasmophobia is the Wish of Clarity. This wish allows players to temporarily see the ghost’s footsteps and breath, making it easier to track their movements. However, the Wish of Clarity comes at a cost - the ghost becomes more aggressive and may hunt players more frequently. It’s a trade-off that players must carefully consider, as the increased visibility can be a lifesaver, but the increased danger can quickly turn a game sour.

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Another wish that players often use is the Wish of Greed. This wish increases the ghost’s hunting frequency and aggression level, but it also increases the amount of money players earn for completing objectives. It’s a risky wish to use, as the increased difficulty can make it harder to survive, but the potential for higher earnings can be tempting, especially for players who are running low on funds.

On the other hand, the Wish of Safety is a popular choice for players who want to minimize the risk of being hunted by the ghost. This wish reduces the ghost’s hunting frequency and aggression level, making it easier to explore the haunted location without fear of immediate danger. However, the downside is that the ghost becomes less active, making it harder to gather evidence and complete objectives. It’s a trade-off between safety and progress that players must carefully consider.

These are just a few examples of the Monkey Paw wishes and their effects in Phasmophobia. Each wish brings its own unique set of pros and cons, and players must weigh the risks and rewards before making a wish. Whether you choose to increase your visibility, boost your earnings, or prioritize your safety, the Monkey Paw mechanic adds an extra layer of strategy and decision-making to the game, making every choice count.

All Monkey Paw Wishes and Their Effects in Phasmophobia

The Monkey Paw is a unique item in Phasmophobia that allows players to make a wish and receive a corresponding effect. Each wish comes with its own risk, as the effects can be both beneficial and detrimental. Here are all the Monkey Paw wishes and their effects:

  • Wish: Increased Sanity
  • Effect: Temporarily increases the player’s sanity level, helping them stay calm and rational.
  • Wish: Enhanced Speed
  • Effect: Boosts the player’s movement speed for a short duration, allowing them to quickly escape from dangerous situations.
  • Wish: Heightened Senses
  • Effect: Increases the player’s ability to detect ghost activity, making it easier to locate the ghost and gather evidence.
  • Wish: Improved Communication
  • Effect: Enhances the player’s ability to communicate with the ghost, increasing the chance of capturing a clear EVP or obtaining valuable information.
  • Wish: Immunity to Ghost Attacks
  • Effect: Makes the player temporarily immune to any physical attacks from the ghost, protecting them from harm.
  • Wish: Ghost Vulnerability
  • Effect: Increases the player’s vulnerability to ghost attacks, making them more likely to get injured or killed.
  • Wish: Distorted Vision
  • Effect: Causes the player’s vision to become distorted, making it difficult to see and navigate the environment.

It’s important to carefully consider the risks and rewards of each Monkey Paw wish before using it. While some wishes can greatly aid your investigation, others can put you in grave danger. Use them wisely and think strategically to maximize their benefits and minimize the risks.

How Monkey Paw Wishes Work

The Monkey Paw is an essential item in Phasmophobia that allows players to make special wishes that can have both positive and negative effects. When a Monkey Paw is used, it grants the player a wish, but with a twist. The effect of the wish can vary and can either benefit or harm the player.

Here are some examples of Monkey Paw wishes and their effects:

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  • Increased Movement Speed: This wish increases the player’s movement speed for a limited time, allowing them to move quicker throughout the ghost-infested location. However, the drawback is that the increased speed can also make it more difficult to control movement accurately, leading to potential accidents or unwanted encounters with the ghost.
  • Enhanced Vision: This wish grants the player enhanced vision that allows them to see hidden or obscured ghostly elements more clearly. However, the downside is that the enhanced vision may also make the ghost’s presence more intense, increasing the likelihood of a ghostly encounter or even a scare.
  • Temporary Invisibility: This wish grants the player temporary invisibility, making them invisible to the ghost for a short duration. However, the drawback is that the player becomes unable to interact with certain objects or complete specific tasks while invisible, limiting their ability to investigate the ghost’s activities.
  • Increased Ghost Activity: This wish amplifies the ghost’s activity, making it more aggressive and increasing the chance of encountering paranormal events. While this might help in gathering evidence, it also significantly raises the danger level for the player, making it easier for them to be attacked or killed by the ghost.

It’s important to consider the potential risks and benefits of each wish before using the Monkey Paw. The wishes can greatly influence the gameplay experience, adding a thrilling and unpredictable element to Phasmophobia. Players must carefully weigh the potential rewards against the possible consequences to make the most strategic use of the Monkey Paw.

Effects of Monkey Paw Wishes on Gameplay

The Monkey Paw is a special item in Phasmophobia that allows players to make a wish and receive a variety of effects. These wishes can have both positive and negative impacts on gameplay, adding an element of unpredictability to the game. Below are some of the effects players can experience when using the Monkey Paw:

  • Ghost Interaction Changes: The Monkey Paw can alter how the ghost interacts with players. It may make the ghost more aggressive, increasing the chance of encountering a hunt, or it can make the ghost less active, decreasing the chance of paranormal activity.
  • Item Effects: Wishes made with the Monkey Paw can also affect the effectiveness of certain items. For example, the Monkey Paw can increase the range of the thermometer, allowing players to detect ghostly temperatures from a greater distance. On the other hand, it can also reduce the effectiveness of items like the crucifix, making it less likely to prevent a ghost from hunting.
  • Sanity Changes: The Monkey Paw can have an impact on player sanity. It may drain sanity at a faster rate, causing players to become more vulnerable to ghostly attacks. Alternatively, it can slow down sanity depletion, giving players more time to investigate and complete objectives before needing to retreat and regain sanity.
  • Objective Alterations: The Monkey Paw can modify the game’s objectives. It may add additional objectives that players need to complete to successfully identify the ghost type or remove certain objectives altogether. These changes can make investigations more challenging or provide different avenues for gathering evidence.
  • Cross-Map Effects: Some wishes made with the Monkey Paw can have cross-map effects, impacting not only the current location but also other locations players visit. These effects can range from altering ghost behavior to changing the available equipment or even modifying the layout of the location.

It’s important for players to carefully consider the potential consequences of their wishes when using the Monkey Paw. While some effects may prove beneficial, others can make investigations more difficult and dangerous. Experimentation and adaptability are key to navigating the unpredictable nature of the Monkey Paw and successfully completing paranormal investigations in Phasmophobia.

Tips for Using Monkey Paw Wishes Strategically

The Monkey Paw Wishes in Phasmophobia can be powerful tools if utilized strategically. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your Monkey Paw Wishes:

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  1. Plan ahead: Before using a Monkey Paw Wish, analyze the current situation and consider the potential consequences. Think about how the wish can benefit your team and contribute to your overall goal.
  2. Communicate: Coordinate with your team members and discuss the best time to use a Monkey Paw Wish. Sharing ideas and insights can prevent wasteful or impulsive wishes.
  3. Focus on team objectives: Use the Monkey Paw Wishes to support your team’s plan and objectives. Prioritize wishes that enhance teamwork, communication, or survival chances.
  4. Think long-term: Consider the long-term effects of each wish. While some wishes may provide immediate benefits, others may have long-lasting consequences or potential drawbacks. Assess the overall impact before making a decision.
  5. Use wishes with caution: Monkey Paw Wishes can be unpredictable, so weigh the risks and rewards carefully. Avoid using wishes that may hinder your progress or jeopardize your team’s safety.
  6. Experiment: Don’t be afraid to try different wishes and strategies. Phasmophobia’s gameplay is dynamic, so experimenting with different approaches can help you discover powerful combinations or uncover hidden advantages.

Remember, the Monkey Paw Wishes can be game-changers if used wisely. Take the time to analyze the situation, strategize with your team, and consider the long-term effects before making a wish.


What are monkey paw wishes in Phasmophobia?

Monkey paw wishes are special objects that players can use in the game Phasmophobia to make a wish. These wishes have various effects and can greatly impact gameplay.

How do monkey paw wishes work in Phasmophobia?

In Phasmophobia, players can find monkey paws in certain locations. Once a monkey paw is found, players can make a wish by interacting with it. The wish will then be granted, but with unforeseen consequences that can make the game more challenging or dangerous.

What are some examples of monkey paw wishes in Phasmophobia?

Some examples of monkey paw wishes in Phasmophobia include wishing for more evidence, but increasing the ghost’s aggression; wishing for additional equipment, but losing sanity faster; and wishing for the ghost to reveal itself, but making it more difficult to identify.

Do monkey paw wishes have positive effects in Phasmophobia?

No, monkey paw wishes in Phasmophobia do not have positive effects. While they may grant the player’s wish, the consequences of the wish are always negative and can make the game more challenging.

How can players find monkey paws in Phasmophobia?

Monkey paws can be found in certain locations in Phasmophobia, such as inside drawers, on shelves, or hidden in various rooms. Players should explore the environment and interact with objects to increase their chances of finding a monkey paw.

Can players undo the effects of a monkey paw wish in Phasmophobia?

No, once a monkey paw wish is made in Phasmophobia, the effects cannot be undone. Players must deal with the consequences of their wish and adapt their gameplay accordingly.

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