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Every beer type and effect in Deep Rock Galactic

In the world of Deep Rock Galactic, a popular co-op game, players take on the role of fearless space dwarves mining for resources in the most dangerous terrains. As you navigate through treacherous caves and battle hordes of hostile creatures, one thing becomes clear - you’re going to need a drink.

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Deep Rock Galactic introduces a unique feature called “beer”, which acts as both a source of health regeneration and various temporary buffs. With different types of beer available, each with its own distinct effects, choosing the right brew can make all the difference in your mining expedition.

The first type of beer you’ll encounter is the classic “Red Rock Blaster”. This bold and hearty brew provides a significant health boost, allowing you to recover from injuries and continue your adventure with renewed vigor. Don’t underestimate the healing power of a good pint!

For those moments when you need a little extra firepower, the “Blackout Stout” is your go-to brew. With its potent effects, this dark and rich beer temporarily increases your damage output, ensuring that you can unleash a world of hurt on any enemies that stand in your way.

If you find yourself struggling with mobility, fear not - the “Leaf Lover’s Special” is here to save the day. This light and refreshing beer grants you enhanced speed and agility, allowing you to navigate the treacherous terrain with grace and ease.

Finally, we have the “Ghost Ship Glass” - a mysterious and otherworldly brew with supernatural effects. When consumed, this ethereal beer grants you the ability to temporarily phase through solid objects, turning you into a ghostly apparition. It’s the perfect tool for escaping sticky situations or accessing hard-to-reach areas.

Each beer type in Deep Rock Galactic has its own unique effects, making them valuable assets in your mining expeditions. Whether you need to heal, deal more damage, boost your mobility, or phase through obstacles, there’s a beer for every situation. So grab a pint, raise your mug, and toast to the thrilling adventures that await you in Deep Rock Galactic!

The Importance of Beer

Beer is a staple in the world of Deep Rock Galactic, and it serves a vital role in the lives of the brave miners who venture into the depths of Hoxxes IV. In this guide, we will explore the importance of beer in Deep Rock Galactic and how different types of beer can have various effects on the miners.

1. Refreshment and Replenishment:

Beer in Deep Rock Galactic serves as a source of refreshment and replenishment for the miners. After a long day of drilling, navigating treacherous caves, and battling hordes of hostile creatures, the miners often find themselves exhausted and in need of a pick-me-up. Beer provides them with the energy and hydration needed to continue their work.

2. Temporary Buffs:

Each type of beer in Deep Rock Galactic offers unique temporary buffs to the miners. These buffs can enhance their abilities, increase their damage output, or provide other beneficial effects. By consuming the right type of beer at the right time, miners can boost their performance and increase their chances of success on their expeditions.

3. Team Bonding:

Drinking beer together is not just about the temporary effects it provides; it is also a social activity that fosters team bonding. The miners of Deep Rock Galactic often gather in the Abyss Bar, a tavern located in the Space Rig, to share a round of drinks and exchange stories of their adventures. This camaraderie strengthens their relationships and boosts morale.

4. Beer Crafting:

In addition to consuming beer, miners can also engage in beer crafting. They can collect resources, such as malt, yeast, and barley bulbs, and use them to create their own unique brews. This adds an extra layer of customization and personalization to the beer experience in Deep Rock Galactic.

Common Beer Types:

| Type | Effect | | Pots O’ Gold | Extra gold gain | | Blackout Stout | Invisibility | | Ghost Ship | Transparency | | Red Rock Blaster | Increased firepower |

5. The Beer License:

As miners progress in their careers, they can earn the coveted beer license. This license allows them to unlock and purchase various types of beer, expanding their options and opening up new possibilities for their expeditions. The beer license is a symbol of mastery and a testament to the miner’s dedication and skill.

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In conclusion, beer plays a crucial role in Deep Rock Galactic, providing refreshment, temporary buffs, team bonding opportunities, and customization options for the miners. It is an integral part of the mining experience and adds depth to the gameplay. So, raise your mug, cheers to the adventure, and enjoy the benefits of beer in Deep Rock Galactic!

Different Beer Types

In Deep Rock Galactic, there are several different types of beer that can be consumed by the dwarves. Each type of beer has its own unique effects and benefits, providing various enhancements to the player’s abilities. Here are the different beer types in Deep Rock Galactic:

  1. Leaf Lover’s Special

    • This beer type increases the amount of max health for the player, allowing them to withstand more damage.
    • It also provides a passive health regeneration effect, slowly healing the player over time.
    • Blackout Stout
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    • This beer type increases the player’s stamina, allowing them to sprint for longer distances without getting tired.
    • It also provides a temporary speed boost, allowing the player to move faster for a short period of time.
    • Red Rock Blaster
    • This beer type increases the player’s damage output, making their attacks more powerful.
    • It also provides a temporary resistance to damage, reducing the amount of damage taken from enemies.
    • Skull Crusher Ale
    • This beer type increases the player’s melee damage, making their melee attacks more effective.
    • It also provides a temporary knockback effect, pushing enemies away when the player hits them with melee attacks.

These different beer types can be found and purchased in the Abyss Bar, which is the dwarf’s home base in Deep Rock Galactic. Each beer type has its own unique cost and availability, so players will need to manage their resources and make strategic choices about which beer types to purchase and consume in order to best suit their playstyle and objectives.

Beer Effects on Gameplay

Beer in Deep Rock Galactic serves multiple purposes. It not only adds to the immersive experience of being a dwarf miner, but it also affects gameplay in various ways. Here, we will explore the different beer types and their effects on gameplay.

1. Red Rock Blaster

The Red Rock Blaster beer is a popular choice among miners looking for a boost in firepower. Drinking this beer temporarily increases the damage output of your weapons, allowing you to take down enemies faster. It can be particularly useful when tackling tough enemies or swarms.

2. Dutch Courage

Dutch Courage is a beer that enhances your stamina and lowers the cooldown time for your equipment. With this beer, you’ll be able to sprint longer distances and use your gadgets more frequently. It’s especially handy when you need to navigate challenging terrain quickly or escape dangerous situations.

3. Blackout Stout

If you’re looking for a beer that improves your survivability, the Blackout Stout is the way to go. This stout temporarily increases your maximum health, allowing you to withstand more damage before going down. It can be a game-changer when facing hordes of enemies or tough boss fights.

4. Leaf Lover’s Special

The Leaf Lover’s Special is a beer that enhances your mining abilities. When consumed, it increases your pickaxe swing speed and mining speed, allowing you to gather resources more efficiently. It’s particularly useful when you’re low on ammo or need to collect a large amount of minerals in a short amount of time.

Remember that these beer effects are temporary and last for a limited duration. You can find different beer types scattered throughout the missions or purchase them from the Bar in the Space Rig. Experiment with different beers to discover the ones that best suit your playstyle and mission objectives.


Beer plays an integral role in Deep Rock Galactic, both in terms of immersion and gameplay. By choosing the right beer for the situation, you can gain temporary advantages in damage, stamina, survivability, and mining efficiency. So, grab a mug, raise a toast, and enjoy the benefits of these delightful in-game brews!


What are the different types of beer in Deep Rock Galactic?

In Deep Rock Galactic, there are four different types of beer: Glyphid Slammer, Red Rock Blaster, Leaf Lover’s Special, and Blackout Stout.

What effects do the different types of beer have in Deep Rock Galactic?

The Glyphid Slammer increases your health and slows down time, the Red Rock Blaster increases your speed and jump height, the Leaf Lover’s Special reduces fall damage and increases pickaxe speed, and the Blackout Stout makes you more resistant to damage and reduces the cooldown of your special abilities.

How can I obtain different types of beer in Deep Rock Galactic?

You can obtain different types of beer in Deep Rock Galactic by completing missions and earning credits. You can then spend those credits to purchase beer in the Abyss Bar, which is located in the space rig.

Are the effects of the different types of beer permanent or temporary in Deep Rock Galactic?

The effects of the different types of beer are temporary in Deep Rock Galactic. They last for a limited amount of time, and once the effects wear off, you will return to your normal state.

Can I mix different types of beer in Deep Rock Galactic?

No, you cannot mix different types of beer in Deep Rock Galactic. Each type of beer has its own unique effects, and consuming multiple types of beer at once would cancel out or override those effects.

Can the different types of beer in Deep Rock Galactic be used in multiplayer?

Yes, the different types of beer in Deep Rock Galactic can be used in multiplayer. When one player consumes a beer, the effects will only apply to that specific player and not affect other players in the game.

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