Where to Find Turnip Seeds in Valheim - A Guide to Get Turnip Seeds


How to get turnip seeds in Valheim

In the popular survival game Valheim, acquiring turnip seeds is essential for growing turnips, which are a valuable source of food and crafting materials. However, finding turnip seeds can be a bit challenging, as they are not readily available in the game world. In this guide, we will explore different methods and locations where you can find turnip seeds to kickstart your farming journey.

Exploring Crypts: Crypts are underground dungeons in Valheim that are filled with enemies and loot. Some players have reported finding turnip seeds while exploring these crypts. It is essential to equip yourself with proper weapons, armor, and torches before venturing into the crypts, as they can be dangerous. Be prepared for combat and search every corner and loot chest in the crypts to increase your chances of finding turnip seeds.

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Trading with Traders: In Valheim, you can come across traders who roam around the game world. These traders have various items for sale, including turnip seeds. Keep an eye out for wandering traders and interact with them to see if they have turnip seeds available for purchase. Be prepared with enough coins, as the traders’ inventory can be random, and turnip seeds might not always be available.

“By exploring crypts and trading with traders, players can increase their chances of finding turnip seeds in Valheim.”

Exploring Sunken Crypts: Sunken crypts are underwater structures that can be found in the ocean biome. These crypts often contain valuable loot, including turnip seeds. To explore sunken crypts, you will need diving equipment such as a harpoon or a diving attachment for your ship. Dive underwater and explore these crypts to discover hidden treasures, including turnip seeds.

Sharing Seeds with Other Players: Valheim allows for multiplayer gameplay, and one way to obtain turnip seeds is by trading with other players. If you are unable to find turnip seeds in your own game world, consider joining multiplayer servers or connecting with other players to see if they have any spare turnip seeds that they can share with you. Collaboration and trading with other players can significantly increase your chances of obtaining turnip seeds in Valheim.

By following these methods, you will be able to find turnip seeds in Valheim and start your own turnip farm. Remember to explore crypts, trade with traders, explore sunken crypts, and collaborate with other players to increase your chances of acquiring turnip seeds. Happy farming!

Where to Find Turnip Seeds in Valheim

In Valheim, turnip seeds are an essential resource for starting your own vegetable farm. These seeds can be planted to grow turnips, which are used in various cooking recipes and can also be used as food for your character.

To find turnip seeds, you will need to explore the Black Forest biome. This biome can be found on the outskirts of the Meadows biome, which is where you start the game. The Black Forest biome is characterized by its dense trees, rocky areas, and occasional patches of fog.

While exploring the Black Forest, keep an eye out for turnip seeds scattered on the ground. They can often be found near ruined houses, abandoned fields, or in clusters near trees. The seeds are relatively small and can be easy to miss, so make sure to search carefully.

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Another way to obtain turnip seeds is by defeating Greydwarves, which are hostile creatures that can be found in the Black Forest. These creatures have a chance to drop turnip seeds upon death, so be sure to gather them when you defeat Greydwarves.

Once you have obtained turnip seeds, you can plant them on tilled soil. To do this, equip the seeds in your inventory and look for a suitable spot in your farm. Use a cultivator to till the soil and then right-click on the tilled soil to plant the turnip seeds. Make sure to water the seeds regularly to help them grow.

In conclusion, to find turnip seeds in Valheim, explore the Black Forest biome and search for them on the ground or gather them from defeated Greydwarves. Plant the seeds on tilled soil and take care of them to grow turnips for your cooking and survival needs.

A Guide to Get Turnip Seeds

Turnip seeds are an essential resource in Valheim that players need to grow their own crops. In this guide, we will show you where to find turnip seeds and how to obtain them.

  1. Exploring the Meadows: The Meadows biome is the best place to find turnip seeds. Look for wild turnips growing in patches on the ground.
  2. Interaction: Once you find a turnip plant, interact with it to collect turnip seeds. You will need a cultivator tool to do this.
  3. Farming: Now that you have obtained turnip seeds, you can start farming. Clear a patch of land and use a hoe to prepare the soil for planting.
  4. Planting: Equip the turnip seeds in your hotbar and use them to plant the seeds in the prepared soil. Make sure to provide enough space between each seed for proper growth.
  5. Care: Water your turnip plants regularly and protect them from pests or harsh weather conditions. Make sure to provide enough sunlight for healthy growth.
  6. Harvesting: After a few in-game days, your turnip plants will be ready for harvesting. Use a cultivator tool to harvest the mature turnips.
  7. Crafting: You can use the harvested turnips to cook delicious meals or turn them into valuable items.

By following this guide, you will be able to find turnip seeds in Valheim and start your own turnip farm. Enjoy the benefits of having fresh turnips at your disposal!


Valheim is an open-world survival game developed by Iron Gate AB. It is set in a procedurally generated world based on Norse mythology. Players take on the role of a Viking warrior who has been transported to the mystical realm of Valheim. The goal of the game is to survive and thrive in this dangerous land, crafting weapons, building structures, and battling enemies.

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The game features a vast and diverse landscape, filled with forests, mountains, and swamps. Players can explore the world, gather resources, and discover new areas. Along the way, they will encounter various creatures, including trolls, draugr, and wolves. Players can also cultivate the land, growing crops and raising animals to sustain themselves.

Valheim emphasizes cooperative multiplayer, allowing players to team up with friends to conquer the challenges of the world. Building a base, sharing resources, and coordinating strategies are essential for survival.

As players progress in the game, they can unlock new tools, weapons, and abilities. They can also uncover the secrets of Valheim, including hidden treasures and powerful artifacts. Building a longship enables players to explore the oceans and discover new lands.

In Valheim, the possibilities are endless. Whether you prefer exploring, building, crafting, or fighting, there is something for everyone in this immersive Viking adventure.


How do I find turnip seeds in Valheim?

To find turnip seeds in Valheim, you will need to explore the Plains biome. You can find turnip seeds by looting chests in abandoned farms or by killing Fuling shamans. Once you have acquired turnip seeds, you can plant them in tilled soil to grow turnips.

What is the Plains biome in Valheim?

The Plains biome is a dangerous biome in Valheim that is home to aggressive enemies such as Fulings and Deathsquitos. It is characterized by flat grassy terrain, herds of Lox, and abandoned farms. The Plains biome is where you can find turnip seeds.

Are turnip seeds rare in Valheim?

Turnip seeds are relatively rare in Valheim. They can only be found in abandoned farms or dropped by Fuling shamans in the Plains biome. It may take some time and exploration to find enough turnip seeds to start a turnip farm.

Can I buy turnip seeds in Valheim?

No, you cannot buy turnip seeds in Valheim. They can only be obtained by looting chests in abandoned farms or by killing Fuling shamans in the Plains biome. You will need to explore and gather them yourself.

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