Where to Find Starshrooms in Genshin Impact – Starshroom Locations


Where to get Starshrooms in Genshin Impact – Starshroom Locations

In the immersive world of Genshin Impact, players are constantly on the lookout for rare and valuable resources. One such resource is the Starshroom, a mystical mushroom that holds great power and potential. These rare fungi can be used in various alchemical recipes and are highly sought after by adventurers and alchemists alike.

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However, finding Starshrooms in Genshin Impact can be quite a challenge. These elusive mushrooms only grow in specific locations and require certain conditions to thrive. In this guide, we will explore the various starshroom locations and provide tips on how to increase your chances of finding them.

One of the most reliable locations to find Starshrooms is in the Chasm, a vast underground cave system in the city of Liyue. The Chasm is home to a wide variety of unique flora and fauna, including the coveted Starshroom. These mushrooms can usually be found growing in clusters near damp, dark areas within the cave system.

It is important to note that Starshrooms are sensitive to light and temperature. They thrive in cool, shady areas, making the Chasm an ideal environment for their growth. Players should be prepared to explore the depths of the cave system and navigate its treacherous terrain in search of these valuable fungi.

Best Locations to Find Starshrooms

Starshrooms are a valuable crafting material in Genshin Impact that are used for various purposes, including character ascension and weapon enhancement. If you’re looking to gather starshrooms, here are some of the best locations to find them:

  • Chasm: The Chasm area is one of the best places to find starshrooms. You can find them scattered throughout the area, especially near the cliffs and cave entrances. Keep an eye out for glowing blue mushrooms.
  • Dadaupa Gorge: Another great location to find starshrooms is Dadaupa Gorge. Explore the area and look for patches of blue mushrooms growing on the ground.
  • Serpent’s Head: Serpent’s Head is a region with high concentrations of starshrooms. Look for them near the ruins and in the forested areas.

When searching for starshrooms, it’s important to note that they respawn over time. So if you don’t find any at first, try revisiting the locations later. Additionally, using a character with the “Vision” ability can help you spot starshrooms more easily, as they will glow when you get close to them.

Happy hunting!

Starshroom Chasm

The Starshroom Chasm is a location in Genshin Impact where you can find Starshrooms. Starshrooms are a type of mushroom that can be used for various crafting recipes and character ascensions.

To find Starshrooms in the Starshroom Chasm, you will need to navigate through the area and search for glowing mushrooms on the ground. These mushrooms emit a faint blue light, making them easy to spot in the dark and cavernous environment.

Here are some tips to help you find Starshrooms in the Starshroom Chasm:

  • Explore the entire chasm: The Starshrooms can be found in various locations throughout the chasm, so make sure to thoroughly explore the area.
  • Look for glowing mushrooms: As mentioned earlier, Starshrooms emit a faint blue light, so keep an eye out for mushrooms with a visible glow.
  • Use Elemental Sight: Elemental Sight is a useful ability that can help you detect the presence of Starshrooms. Activate Elemental Sight and look for the blue aura that indicates the presence of Starshrooms.
  • Use a character with high Perception: Some characters have higher Perception stats, which can help you locate Starshrooms more easily.

Once you have found Starshrooms in the Starshroom Chasm, make sure to collect them by interacting with the mushrooms. You can use these Starshrooms for various crafting recipes, character ascensions, and other gameplay purposes.

Remember that the Starshroom Chasm is not the only location where you can find Starshrooms in Genshin Impact. You may also come across them in other areas, so keep exploring the game world to maximize your chances of finding these valuable mushrooms.

Starshroom Forest

Starshroom Forest is a location in Genshin Impact where players can find Starshrooms. It is located in the Chasm region and is easily recognizable by the dense forest of glowing mushrooms.

To access Starshroom Forest, players need to enter the Chasm and make their way towards the western part of the map. Once they reach the designated area, they will find themselves surrounded by towering mushrooms of various shapes and sizes.

The Starshrooms in this forest are highly sought after for their unique properties. They emit a soft glow and are said to possess mystical powers. They are often used in alchemy and cooking recipes, making them valuable resources for players.

It is important to note that while Starshrooms are abundant in Starshroom Forest, they can be quite elusive. Players will need to explore the forest carefully and keep an eye out for any glowing patches on the ground. The mushrooms can sometimes blend in with their surroundings, so it’s crucial to pay attention to details.

Additionally, Starshroom Forest is home to various creatures and enemies that players will need to deal with. It is recommended to be well-prepared before venturing into the forest to ensure a successful hunt for Starshrooms.

In conclusion, Starshroom Forest is a unique location in Genshin Impact where players can find Starshrooms. It offers a beautiful and mystical environment filled with glowing mushrooms. Exploring the forest carefully and being prepared for encounters will greatly improve the chances of finding these valuable resources. Happy hunting!

Tips for Finding Starshrooms

1. Explore the chasm:

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The chasm is the main area in Genshin Impact where Starshrooms can be found. Make sure to thoroughly explore the chasm to increase your chances of finding Starshrooms.

2. Look for glowing mushrooms:

Starshrooms are unique mushrooms that emit a faint glow. Keep an eye out for these glowing mushrooms as you explore the chasm.

3. Use Elemental Sight:

Elemental Sight is a helpful feature in Genshin Impact that can reveal hidden objects and resources. Activate Elemental Sight while in the chasm to locate Starshrooms more easily.

4. Follow the sound:

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Starshrooms make a distinct twinkling sound when nearby. Use your ears to listen for this sound and follow it to find Starshrooms.

5. Bring a character with high Anemo (Wind) affinity:

Some Starshrooms may be hidden in hard-to-reach places that require the use of Anemo (Wind) abilities to access. Bring a character with high Anemo affinity, such as Sucrose or Venti, to make it easier to reach these hidden Starshrooms.

6. Team up with friends:

Exploring the chasm with friends can increase your chances of finding Starshrooms. Coordinate with your friends to cover more ground and share information on the locations of Starshrooms.

7. Check under bridges and overhangs:

Starshrooms often grow in shaded areas under bridges or overhangs. Be sure to check these locations for hidden Starshrooms.

8. Refer to online guides and maps:

If you’re having trouble finding Starshrooms, there are several online guides and maps available that can help you locate their exact locations in the chasm.

9. Be patient:

Finding Starshrooms can sometimes be a matter of luck. Be patient and persistent in your search, and eventually, you will come across the elusive Starshrooms.

Explore High Altitude Areas

To find Starshrooms in Genshin Impact, one must explore high altitude areas in the game. These areas are typically found in mountainous regions or elevated terrains throughout the game’s map. Here are some tips for finding Starshrooms:

  • Look for elevated platforms or cliffs, as Starshrooms tend to grow in areas with ample sunlight and good air circulation.
  • Pay attention to rocky terrain, as Starshrooms often grow on or around rocks.
  • Use the Elemental Sight (press and hold the middle mouse button or the left bumper on controllers) to reveal the location of nearby Starshrooms. They will appear as yellow glowing objects.
  • Search near bodies of water, as Starshrooms sometimes grow near rivers, lakes, or waterfalls.
  • Keep an eye out for Starshroom clusters, which can contain multiple Starshrooms in close proximity.

By exploring high altitude areas and following these tips, players should be able to find and harvest Starshrooms in Genshin Impact.


Where can I find Starshrooms in Genshin Impact?

Starshrooms can be found in the Starfell Valley region of Mondstadt. They can usually be found near trees and bushes.

Are Starshrooms rare in Genshin Impact?

Starshrooms are not considered rare in Genshin Impact. They can be found throughout the Starfell Valley region and are relatively common.

Can Starshrooms be used for cooking in Genshin Impact?

Yes, Starshrooms can be used for cooking in Genshin Impact. They are a common ingredient in many mushroom-based dishes.

What are the benefits of finding Starshrooms in Genshin Impact?

Finding and collecting Starshrooms in Genshin Impact can provide various benefits. They can be used for cooking, which can provide temporary stat boosts or health regeneration.

Do Starshrooms respawn in Genshin Impact?

Yes, Starshrooms do respawn in Genshin Impact. After a certain amount of time, the Starshrooms will reappear in their original locations, allowing players to gather more.

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