Unlock the Void Fiend in Risk of Rain 2: Step-by-Step Guide


How to unlock the Void Fiend in Risk of Rain 2

Are you ready to take on a new challenge in Risk of Rain 2? Look no further than the Void Fiend! This powerful boss is waiting to be unlocked, and we’re here to guide you through the steps to make it happen.

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In order to unlock the Void Fiend, you’ll need to complete a series of tasks. First, you must defeat the game’s final boss, Providence, on the Monsoon difficulty. This is no easy feat, so make sure you’re prepared before taking on this challenge. Once you’ve defeated Providence, a portal will appear that will lead you to the Void, where the Void Fiend resides.

Once you’ve entered the Void, you’ll need to navigate through its treacherous terrain and defeat a series of challenging enemies. The Void is a dangerous place, so make sure you’re well-equipped and prepared for battle. As you progress through the Void, you’ll come across powerful artifacts that can aid you in your journey. Use them wisely and strategically to give yourself an advantage.

After defeating the enemies and collecting the artifacts in the Void, you’ll finally come face to face with the Void Fiend. This boss is incredibly powerful and will put your skills to the test. Make sure you’ve mastered your abilities and have a solid strategy in place before engaging in this fight. Defeating the Void Fiend will be no easy task, but the rewards are well worth the challenge.

In summary, unlocking the Void Fiend in Risk of Rain 2 requires defeating Providence on the Monsoon difficulty and navigating through the treacherous Void. It’s a challenging journey, but the thrill of battling the powerful Void Fiend is sure to make it all worthwhile. So gear up, prepare yourself, and get ready to face this formidable foe!

How to Unlock the Void Fiend in Risk of Rain 2: Step-by-Step Guide

The Void Fiend is a hidden boss in Risk of Rain 2 that requires a specific series of steps to unlock. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to unlock the Void Fiend:

  1. Start a run in the Abyssal Depths level.
  2. Look for a blue portal that is hidden somewhere in the level. It can be found randomly, so search thoroughly.
  3. Once you find the blue portal, activate it to access the Void Fields.
  4. In the Void Fields, your goal is to survive for 10 minutes while avoiding or defeating all enemies within the area.
  5. You will need to keep an eye on a void recharging bar that appears at the top of the screen. This bar represents how long you have until the void recharges and releases a powerful burst of damage.
  6. During the 10-minute survival in the Void Fields, you will gain Void Reavers as active items. These items will grant you unique abilities and make the survival easier.
  7. Make use of the Void Reavers wisely to eliminate enemies and continue surviving until the 10 minutes are up.
  8. Once you have survived for 10 minutes in the Void Fields, the Void Fiend boss will spawn.
  9. Defeat the Void Fiend to unlock it.

Unlocking the Void Fiend can be a challenging task, so make sure to have powerful items and abilities to increase your chances of success. Good luck!

Locate the Celestial Portal

To unlock the Void Fiend in Risk of Rain 2, you need to first locate the Celestial Portal. The Celestial Portal is a hidden area that can only be accessed under certain conditions. Follow the steps below to find the Celestial Portal:

  1. Start a run and progress through the stages as you normally would. You will need to reach Stage 8 in order to find the Celestial Portal.
  2. Once you reach Stage 8, keep an eye out for a special blue portal surrounded by floating rocks. This is the Celestial Portal and it will only spawn if you meet the criteria.
  3. The conditions for the Celestial Portal to spawn are as follows:
  4. The run must be on the Monsoon difficulty or higher.
  5. You must have completed the Altar event on Stage 5.
  6. You must have at least one Lunar Coin in your possession.
  7. If all the conditions are met, the Celestial Portal will spawn. Approach it and interact with it to enter the hidden area.
  8. Inside the Celestial Portal, you will find the Void Fiend waiting for you. Defeat the Void Fiend to unlock it as a playable character.

It’s important to note that the spawn chance of the Celestial Portal is not guaranteed, even if you meet all the criteria. It may take a few attempts before you are able to find it.

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Collect Lunar Coins

Lunar Coins are a special form of currency that can be used to purchase items and unlock certain characters and artifacts in Risk of Rain 2. Here are a few ways to collect Lunar Coins:

  • Killing Elite Enemies: Elite enemies have a chance to drop Lunar Coins when defeated. These enemies are more powerful than regular enemies and can be identified by their glowing red or blue color.
  • Opening Lunar Pods: Lunar Pods are small, white capsules that can be found throughout the levels. When opened, they have a chance to drop Lunar Coins along with other loot.
  • Chance Shrines: Chance Shrines are special shrines that can be activated by spending money. There is a chance that activating a Chance Shrine will reward you with Lunar Coins.
  • Playing Multiplayer: In multiplayer games, players can share Lunar Coins by dropping them on the ground for other players to pick up. This can help increase the rate at which Lunar Coins are collected.

Once you have collected enough Lunar Coins, you can spend them at the Lunar Bazaar, which can be found on certain levels. The Lunar Bazaar offers a variety of items and unlocks that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience.

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Activate the Celestial Portal

To unlock the Void Fiend in Risk of Rain 2, you need to activate the Celestial Portal. The Celestial Portal is a special portal that appears randomly on certain stages of the game. It can only be accessed once certain conditions are met. Here’s how to activate the Celestial Portal:

  1. Difficulty Level: Make sure you are playing on the Monsoon difficulty level. The Celestial Portal will not appear on lower difficulties.
  2. Time: The Celestial Portal has a time-based trigger. It can only appear after a certain amount of time has passed in the game. The exact time requirement may vary, but it is typically around 15-20 minutes.
  3. Newt Altars: Look for Newt Altars in each stage. The Newt Altar is a large stone structure with a blue orb on top. To activate the Celestial Portal, you need to find and activate at least one Newt Altar in each stage. The Newt Altar requires a Lunar Coin to activate, so make sure you have one in your possession.
  4. Teleporter Event: After activating a Newt Altar, the teleporter event will start. Fight off the enemies that spawn during the event, and once the teleporter is fully charged, activate it to proceed to the next stage.
  5. Bazaar Between Time: The Celestial Portal can appear in the Bazaar Between Time. This is a special hidden area that can be accessed by finding a blue portal in the teleporter room of each stage. You need to have some Lunar Coins in your possession to access the Bazaar Between Time. Once you are in the Bazaar, look for the Celestial Portal and interact with it to activate it.

Once you have successfully activated the Celestial Portal, the Void Fiend will spawn as a boss in the following stage. Be prepared for a challenging battle!

Defeat the Void Fiend

To unlock the Void Fiend in Risk of Rain 2, you must defeat it during a run. The Void Fiend is a challenging boss that requires strategy and skill to defeat. Here are some steps to help you take down this formidable foe:

  1. Gather powerful items: Before taking on the Void Fiend, make sure you have collected powerful items during your run. These items will greatly increase your chances of success.
  2. Activate the Teleporter: Locate the Teleporter on the current stage and activate it. This will start the boss fight with the Void Fiend.
  3. Prepare for the fight: Take a moment to prepare yourself before jumping into the battle. Use any healing items or buffs you have acquired, and make sure your abilities are off cooldown.
  4. Focus on dodging: The Void Fiend has powerful attacks that can deal massive damage. Focus on dodging its attacks and avoiding its projectiles. Use your mobility skills to outmaneuver the boss.
  5. Deal damage when safe: Look for opportunities to deal damage to the Void Fiend when it has finished attacking or is vulnerable. Use your strongest attacks and abilities to chip away at its health.
  6. Watch out for the void zones: The Void Fiend will create void zones on the ground that can deal continuous damage. Avoid standing in these zones and move to a safe area.
  7. Survive until the end: The Void Fiend will become more aggressive and powerful as its health decreases. Keep up your dodging skills and focus on survival. Use healing items or abilities to stay alive.
  8. Finish off the Void Fiend: Continue dealing damage until you defeat the Void Fiend. Once it is defeated, you will unlock it as a playable character.

Remember, defeating the Void Fiend requires practice and persistence. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed on your first attempt. Keep improving your skills and gathering powerful items, and you will eventually conquer this challenging boss.


What is the Void Fiend in Risk of Rain 2?

The Void Fiend is a powerful boss enemy in Risk of Rain 2 that players can unlock as a playable character.

How do I unlock the Void Fiend in Risk of Rain 2?

To unlock the Void Fiend, players need to complete the game’s final stage, “Monsoon”, and defeat the final boss, “Mithrix”. This will unlock the Void Fiend for future playthroughs.

What are the abilities and skills of the Void Fiend?

The Void Fiend has a unique set of abilities and skills, including the ability to summon Void portals to attack enemies, a powerful AoE attack called Void Blast, and the ability to absorb the energy of fallen enemies to regain health.

Can I unlock the Void Fiend in multiplayer mode?

Yes, players can unlock the Void Fiend in both single-player and multiplayer modes. However, each player will need to individually unlock the character by defeating Mithrix on the Monsoon difficulty.

Are there any specific strategies or tips for defeating Mithrix and unlocking the Void Fiend?

Yes, it’s recommended to have a strong loadout with powerful items before attempting to defeat Mithrix. It’s also important to focus on dodging his attacks and using crowd control abilities to keep him from overwhelming you. Additionally, coordinating with your team in multiplayer can make the fight easier.

What makes the Void Fiend unique compared to other playable characters in Risk of Rain 2?

The Void Fiend has a distinct playstyle and set of abilities that make it different from other characters. Its ability to manipulate the Void and summon portals adds a strategic element to its gameplay, and its absorbing ability allows it to sustain itself in long battles.

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