The Ultimate Guide to the Best Tsukuyomi Build in Smite


The best Tsukuyomi build in Smite

Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to build Tsukuyomi, the powerful assassin in the popular online multiplayer game Smite. Tsukuyomi is known for his ability to swiftly eliminate foes with his deadly sword techniques and shadow manipulation. In this guide, we will explore the best build for Tsukuyomi and provide tips on how to maximize his potential in the battleground.

First and foremost, let’s talk about the core items that are essential for a successful Tsukuyomi build. The first item you should focus on is Hydra’s Lament. This item provides a significant boost to your basic attack damage and enhances your ability to string together devastating combos. The passive ability of Hydra’s Lament, which grants bonus damage on your next basic attack after using an ability, synergizes perfectly with Tsukuyomi’s kit.

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Next, you’ll want to invest in Warrior Tabi for the additional power and movement speed it provides. The increased power will amplify the damage dealt by your abilities and basic attacks, while the movement speed will allow you to quickly traverse the map and engage or escape from battles. As an assassin, mobility is key, and Warrior Tabi helps you stay one step ahead of your enemies.

Another crucial item for Tsukuyomi is The Crusher. This item not only grants power and attack speed but also has a unique passive ability that deals bonus damage to structures and shreds enemy protections. The Crusher is especially useful for pushing lanes and destroying towers, giving you an advantage in the overall match objective.

Note: Remember to also invest in boots and consumables like health potions and wards as you progress through the match. These will provide additional survivability and map awareness.

With the core items in place, it’s time to round out your build with situational items based on the flow of the match. Consider items like Heartseeker for burst damage, Hastened Katana for increased attack speed and movement speed, and Brawler’s Beat Stick to counter healers and enemies with high sustain. Tailor your build to the specific challenges presented in each match to maximize your impact as Tsukuyomi.

Remember that building Tsukuyomi is just one aspect of mastering this powerful assassin. You must also develop your skills in positioning, timing, and decision-making to truly dominate the battleground. Practice your combo execution, study enemy movements, and communicate with your team to achieve victory with Tsukuyomi’s deadly prowess.

Now, armed with this ultimate guide, it’s time to step into the world of Smite and unleash your full potential as Tsukuyomi. Embrace the power of shadows, strike fear into the hearts of your enemies, and become the ultimate assassin in the realms of myth and legend.

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Tsukuyomi Build in Smite

Tsukuyomi is a powerful assassin in Smite, capable of dealing devastating damage and making quick work of enemy gods. To maximize his potential, it’s important to build him with the right items and abilities. This guide will show you the best build for Tsukuyomi, allowing you to dominate the battlefield.

Starting Items

When starting the game as Tsukuyomi, it’s important to build items that provide early power and sustain. Here are the best starting items for him:

  • Assassin’s Blessing - This item provides bonus damage to jungle monsters and an extra gold boost. It’s essential for Tsukuyomi’s clear speed and gold income.
  • Bumba’s Dagger - This starter item provides Tsukuyomi with extra ability damage and mana sustain. It also grants bonus XP and gold for jungle camp clears.
  • Health Potion - This consumable item provides Tsukuyomi with extra health sustain in the early game. It’s essential for surviving early engagements.

Core Items

As Tsukuyomi, your core items should focus on providing a balance of power, penetration, and cooldown reduction. This allows you to deal high damage and have your abilities available more frequently. Here are the best core items for Tsukuyomi:

  • Warrior Tabi - This item provides Tsukuyomi with a significant power boost, as well as bonus movement speed. It’s an essential item for any ability-based assassin.
  • The Crusher - This item provides Tsukuyomi with additional power, attack speed, and penetration. Its passive ability allows you to deal bonus damage to structures and objectives.
  • Jotunn’s Wrath - This item provides Tsukuyomi with power, penetration, and cooldown reduction. It allows you to use your abilities more frequently, increasing your burst potential.
  • Hydra’s Lament - This item provides Tsukuyomi with power, cooldown reduction, and bonus damage after using an ability. It synergizes well with his kit, allowing you to chain abilities for maximum damage.

Situational Items

In certain situations, it may be necessary to adjust your build to counter specific enemy gods or team compositions. Here are some situational items that are effective on Tsukuyomi:

  • Brawler’s Beat Stick - This item provides Tsukuyomi with power, penetration, and anti-healing. It’s a must-have against enemy gods with high sustain or healers.
  • Magi’s Cloak - This item provides Tsukuyomi with crowd control reduction and a passive ability that blocks a single crowd control effect. It’s effective against teams with heavy crowd control.
  • Shifters Shield - This item provides Tsukuyomi with power, protections, and bonus power when his health drops below a certain threshold. It’s great for surviving burst damage.


For relics, it’s important to choose ones that complement Tsukuyomi’s kit and provide utility in team fights. Here are the best relics for Tsukuyomi:

  • Blink Rune - This relic allows Tsukuyomi to initiate or escape team fights quickly. It provides great mobility and can catch enemies off guard.
  • Aegis Amulet - This relic provides Tsukuyomi with damage immunity for a short duration. It’s great for surviving burst damage or avoiding key abilities.
  • Purification Beads - This relic removes crowd control effects from Tsukuyomi and provides a brief crowd control immunity. It’s essential against teams with heavy crowd control.


By following this guide and building Tsukuyomi with the recommended items, you’ll maximize his damage potential and dominate the battlefield. Remember to adjust your build based on the situation and enemy team composition. Good luck and have fun playing Tsukuyomi in Smite!

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Key Components for an Effective Tsukuyomi Build

In order to maximize Tsukuyomi’s potential as an assassin in Smite, it is important to focus on building the right items. Here are some key components to consider for an effective Tsukuyomi build:

  • Attack Damage: Tsukuyomi relies heavily on his basic attacks and ability damage, so building items that provide high attack damage should be a priority. These items can include items such as The Crusher and Hydra’s Lament.
  • Critical Strike Chance: Critical strikes can significantly increase Tsukuyomi’s damage output. Adding items with high critical strike chance, such as Wind Demon and Rage, can greatly enhance his damage potential.
  • Penetration: Building penetration items is crucial for Tsukuyomi to break through the enemy’s defenses. Items like Titan’s Bane and Brawler’s Beat Stick can provide much-needed penetration to deal with tankier opponents.
  • Lifesteal: Tsukuyomi’s abilities can provide him with sustain in fights, but adding lifesteal items can further enhance his survivability. Items like Bloodforge and Soul Eater can help him stay in the fight longer.
  • Cooldown Reduction: Tsukuyomi’s abilities have a long cooldown, so building items that provide cooldown reduction can greatly increase his overall effectiveness. Items like Jotunn’s Wrath and Brawler’s Cudgel can help him use his abilities more frequently.

Overall, building a successful Tsukuyomi in Smite requires focusing on items that provide high attack damage, critical strike chance, penetration, lifesteal, and cooldown reduction. By finding the right balance between these components, players can unleash Tsukuyomi’s full potential as a deadly assassin.

Tips and Strategies for Playing Tsukuyomi

1. Build for Ability Damage: Tsukuyomi excels at dealing burst damage with his abilities. Focus on building items that increase ability power, penetration, and cooldown reduction to maximize his damage potential.

2. Utilize Your Passive: Tsukuyomi’s passive, called “Pierce,” allows his abilities to penetrate and damage multiple enemies. Take advantage of this by positioning yourself to hit as many enemies as possible with your abilities.

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3. Create Combos: Tsukuyomi’s kit has excellent synergy, allowing him to chain his abilities together for maximum damage. Learn the proper combos and practice executing them to quickly burst down enemies in fights.

4. Use Your Ultimate Wisely: Tsukuyomi’s ultimate, “Silent Shuriken,” is a high-impact ability that can turn the tide of a team fight. Save it for important moments when you can hit multiple enemies or secure a kill on a high-value target.

5. Maintain Awareness: As an Assassin, Tsukuyomi is vulnerable to crowd control and being caught out of position. Keep an eye on the map, maintain good positioning, and be cautious when engaging enemies.

6. Farm Efficiently: Tsukuyomi is item-dependent, so it’s crucial to farm efficiently in the early game. Clear jungle camps, rotate to lanes to secure farm, and try to avoid falling behind in levels and gold.

7. Coordinate with Your Team: Tsukuyomi’s abilities can set up kills for your teammates. Communicate with your team, coordinate ganks, and utilize your crowd control abilities to secure kills and objectives.

8. Be Mindful of Cooldowns: Tsukuyomi’s abilities have relatively long cooldowns, especially in the early game. Be mindful of when your abilities are on cooldown, as you may be vulnerable and unable to escape or secure kills.

9. Master Your Movement: Tsukuyomi’s kit relies on mobility and quick movement to position yourself for optimal damage. Practice maneuvering around the battlefield and utilizing his mobility to outplay opponents and avoid danger.

10. Stay Engaged in Fights: Tsukuyomi thrives in extended engagements where he can continuously land his abilities and burst down enemies. Avoid running away from fights too early and stay engaged to maximize your damage output.


What is the best build for Tsukuyomi in Smite?

The best build for Tsukuyomi in Smite typically includes items that focus on increasing his damage and mobility. This can include items like Warrior Tabi, The Executioner, Qin’s Sais, Jotunn’s Wrath, and Bloodforge. It’s also important to include items like Mantle of Discord or Magi’s Cloak for some added survivability.

Is it better to focus on ability damage or basic attacks with Tsukuyomi?

While Tsukuyomi has strong ability damage, it’s generally better to focus on basic attacks with him. This is because his passive ability, Crescent Moon Dance, enhances his basic attacks and makes them deal additional damage. Building items that increase attack speed and basic attack damage, like Qin’s Sais and The Executioner, will help to maximize his damage output.

What relics should I choose for Tsukuyomi?

When playing as Tsukuyomi, some good relic choices include Purification Beads and Aegis Amulet. Purification Beads can be used to cleanse crowd control effects and provide a brief period of crowd control immunity, which can be useful for escaping dangerous situations. Aegis Amulet can be used as a defensive option to mitigate incoming damage.

What abilities should I prioritize leveling up with Tsukuyomi?

When leveling up Tsukuyomi’s abilities, it’s generally best to prioritize his 2nd ability, Shingetsu, and his ultimate ability, Demon’s Dance. Shingetsu provides Tsukuyomi with a damage and attack speed buff, while Demon’s Dance is his strongest damaging ability. Leveling up these abilities will help to maximize his damage output and overall effectiveness in fights.

Are there any specific gods that Tsukuyomi counters or struggles against?

Tsukuyomi is generally strong against gods with lower mobility or who rely heavily on basic attacks. He can quickly burst down gods like Artemis or Anubis who have limited escape options. However, he can struggle against gods with strong crowd control abilities that can disrupt his combo chain, like Ares or Sobek. It’s important to be aware of the enemy team composition and playstyle when choosing to play Tsukuyomi.

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