The Best Moveset for Ho-Oh in Pokémon Go - Top Recommendations


The best moveset for Ho-Oh in Pokémon Go

Ho-Oh is a legendary Pokémon that has become a fan-favorite in Pokémon Go. With its impressive stats and powerful moves, it’s no wonder why trainers are eager to catch this majestic creature. However, choosing the right moveset for Ho-Oh can be challenging, as there are several options to consider. In this guide, we will explore the top recommendations for the best moveset for Ho-Oh in Pokémon Go.

Ho-Oh has a diverse move pool, allowing it to excel in different battle scenarios. One of the most popular options for Ho-Oh’s fast move is Hidden Power. This move is unique, as it can be of any type except Normal and Fairy. Hidden Power gives Ho-Oh a surprise advantage against its opponents, allowing it to hit for super effective damage with a move they may not expect.

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For Ho-Oh’s charged moves, two options stand out as top recommendations. The first is Brave Bird. This Flying-type move is incredibly powerful and deals massive damage to Ho-Oh’s opponents. It’s an excellent choice for dealing with Grass, Bug, and Fighting-type Pokémon, which are common weaknesses for Ho-Oh.

The second top recommendation for Ho-Oh’s charged move is Fire Blast. This Fire-type move is devastating and can easily take down opponents weak to Fire. It’s especially effective against Steel, Grass, Bug, and Ice-type Pokémon. Fire Blast provides Ho-Oh with a strong counter to some of its most common counters, making it an excellent choice in battle.

In conclusion, the best moveset for Ho-Oh in Pokémon Go includes Hidden Power as the fast move and a combination of Brave Bird and Fire Blast as the charged moves. This moveset allows Ho-Oh to take advantage of its diverse move pool and deal massive damage to its opponents. Whether you’re battling in raids or taking on gyms, this moveset will undoubtedly make Ho-Oh a formidable force in your Pokémon Go team.

The Best Moveset for Ho-Oh in Pokémon Go - Top Recommendations

Ho-Oh is a powerful Legendary Pokémon with a diverse movepool that includes both Fire and Flying type attacks. To maximize its potential in battles, it is important to choose the best moveset for Ho-Oh. Here are our top recommendations:

Fast Move:

  • Incinerate - This Fire type move deals significant damage and generates energy quickly, making it a great choice as a fast move for Ho-Oh.

Charged Moves:

  • Brave Bird - This Flying type move is Ho-Oh’s most powerful charged move, dealing massive damage at the cost of some of its own HP. Use this move to deal with opponents weak to Flying type attacks.
  • Earthquake - This Ground type move provides great coverage against Electric, Fire, Poison, Rock, and Steel types. It can be a good option to counter Ho-Oh’s weaknesses.
  • Fire Blast - This Fire type move is a powerful option that can take down opponents weak to Fire attacks.
  • Solar Beam - This Grass type move can be a surprise option for Ho-Oh, catching opponents off guard and dealing massive damage.

It is recommended to use Ho-Oh as a Fire type attacker in battles, taking advantage of its high Attack stat and powerful Fire type moves. Brave Bird and Fire Blast can be a deadly combination, providing coverage against a wide range of opponents.

However, the choice of moveset ultimately depends on your playstyle and the specific battle scenario. Experiment with different movesets to find the one that suits you best, and remember to keep an eye on Ho-Oh’s HP when using Brave Bird.

Overall, Ho-Oh is a versatile and powerful Pokémon that can be a valuable asset in battles. With the right moveset and strategy, it can prove to be a formidable opponent.

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Top Recommendations for Ho-Oh’s Moveset

Ho-Oh is a legendary Fire and Flying type Pokémon that has impressive stats and a wide range of moves. To make the most out of Ho-Oh in Pokémon Go, it’s important to choose the best moveset. Here are our top recommendations:

  1. Fast Move: Incinerate

Incinerate is a Fire type fast move that deals solid damage and generates energy quickly. It synergizes well with Ho-Oh’s Fire type charged moves and allows it to deal damage consistently. 2. Charged Move: Brave Bird

Brave Bird is a powerful Flying type charged move that benefits from STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus) since Ho-Oh is a Flying type Pokémon. It deals massive damage and has the potential to take down opponents quickly. 3. Charged Move: Fire Blast

Fire Blast is a devastating Fire type charged move that also benefits from STAB. It has slightly lower damage output compared to Brave Bird but provides coverage against Pokémon that resist Flying type moves. 4. Charged Move: Earthquake

Earthquake is a Ground type charged move that provides coverage against Pokémon that resist both Fire and Flying type moves. It deals high damage and can surprise opponents who are not prepared for it.

Using a combination of Incinerate as the fast move, along with Brave Bird and Fire Blast as the charged moves, allows Ho-Oh to have a well-rounded moveset that covers a wide range of Pokémon types. However, if you want to add more coverage against specific types, replacing Fire Blast with Earthquake is a viable option.

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Fast MoveCharged MoveCharged Move
IncinerateBrave BirdFire Blast

Remember, it’s important to consider the type matchups and strategies of your opponents when choosing Ho-Oh’s moveset. Experiment with different combinations to find the one that suits your playstyle and helps you dominate battles.

With the right moveset, Ho-Oh can be a formidable force in Pokémon Go and a great addition to your team. Good luck!


The recommended moveset for Ho-Oh in Pokémon Go is Hidden Power (Fire) and Brave Bird.

Why is Hidden Power (Fire) and Brave Bird the best moveset for Ho-Oh?

Hidden Power (Fire) and Brave Bird are the best moves for Ho-Oh because they provide the most damage output and cover a wide range of type coverage.

Is there any other moveset that can work well for Ho-Oh?

While Hidden Power (Fire) and Brave Bird are the recommended moveset, Ho-Oh can also perform well with other moves such as Extrasensory and Solar Beam.

Can Ho-Oh learn any other moves in Pokémon Go?

Yes, Ho-Oh can also learn a variety of other moves such as Fire Blast, Earthquake, and Psychic, but they are not as effective as the recommended moveset.

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