Step-by-Step Guide on Obtaining the Godslayer’s Seal in Elden Ring


How to get the Godslayer’s Seal in Elden Ring

Welcome to our step-by-step guide on how to obtain the highly coveted Godslayer’s Seal in the upcoming game, Elden Ring. This powerful seal is said to grant the bearer immense power and influence, making it a must-have for any serious player. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of acquiring the Godslayer’s Seal, including the challenges and tasks that await you. Are you ready to embark on this epic journey?

To begin your quest for the Godslayer’s Seal, you must first gather a group of brave adventurers and form a cohesive team. The challenges you will face on your journey are not for the faint of heart, and having a strong and skilled team by your side is essential. Once you have assembled your team, it is time to set out on your adventure.

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Your first task is to seek out the ancient and wise Blacksmith Iji. Located in the heart of the mystical Elden Ring world, Blacksmith Iji possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to forge the Godslayer’s Seal. However, gaining access to Iji is no easy feat. You must prove yourself worthy by completing a series of trials and tests.

Once you have passed the trials, Blacksmith Iji will reveal the ancient recipe for creating the Godslayer’s Seal. Gathering the required materials will not be an easy task, as they are scattered and well-guarded throughout the Elden Ring world. Prepare yourself for battles with formidable enemies, solve intricate puzzles, and navigate treacherous terrains to collect all the necessary ingredients.

“The Godslayer’s Seal is not just a powerful symbol, but a key to unlocking your untapped potential. Its acquisition is a true test of your skill and perseverance. Only the worthy will be granted its immense power.” - Blacksmith Iji

Once you have collected all the ingredients, return to Blacksmith Iji and present them to him. Through a series of intricate and meticulous processes, he will forge the Godslayer’s Seal right before your eyes. As the sparks fly and the metal takes shape, you will feel the weight of destiny on your shoulders.

With the newly forged Godslayer’s Seal in your possession, you will have access to unparalleled power and influence. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility. The world of Elden Ring is filled with dark and dangerous forces, and it is up to you to wield your newfound power wisely. Good luck on your journey, adventurer, may the Godslayer’s Seal guide you to victory.

Step-by-Step Guide on Obtaining the Godslayer’s Seal in Elden Ring

Step 1: Start by heading to the city of Porsraida and locating the Blacksmith Iji. She can be found near the central bonfire.

Step 2: Speak with Blacksmith Iji and inquire about the Godslayer’s Seal. She will inform you that it can only be obtained by slaying four powerful bosses known as the Pillars of the Elden Ring.

Step 3: Create a plan of attack and decide which Pillar you want to challenge first. The Pillars are scattered throughout the world, so you’ll need to explore different areas to find them.

Step 4: Once you’ve located the first Pillar, prepare for a challenging boss fight. Be sure to stock up on healing items and upgrade your weapons and armor before engaging in battle.

Step 5: Defeat the first Pillar and collect its essence. This essence will serve as proof of your victory and can be used to unlock the next Pillar’s location.

Step 6: Repeat steps 3-5 for the remaining three Pillars. Each Pillar will become progressively more difficult, so be prepared for intense battles.

Step 7: Once you have defeated all four Pillars, return to Blacksmith Iji in Porsraida. Show her the essences you have collected and she will forge the Godslayer’s Seal for you.

Step 8: Congratulations! You have obtained the Godslayer’s Seal in Elden Ring. This powerful item will grant you access to new areas and challenges within the game.

Note: The Godslayer’s Seal can also be used to unlock special abilities and weapons, so be sure to experiment with its powers.

Summary of Steps:

| Step | Action | | 1 | Find Blacksmith Iji in Porsraida | | 2 | Inquire about the Godslayer’s Seal | | 3 | Choose a Pillar to challenge | | 4 | Prepare for the boss fight | | 5 | Defeat the Pillar and collect its essence | | 6 | Repeat steps 3-5 for the other three Pillars | | 7 | Return to Blacksmith Iji with the essences | | 8 | Receive the Godslayer’s Seal |

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Mastering the Treacherous Dungeon

The Treacherous Dungeon in Elden Ring is a challenging and dangerous area filled with traps and powerful enemies. To succeed in this dungeon, you will need to be well-prepared and have a strategy in place. Here are some tips to help you master the Treacherous Dungeon:

  • Equip Yourself: Before entering the dungeon, make sure you have the best gear and weapons available to you. Upgrade your equipment and stock up on healing items to increase your chances of survival.
  • Study the Environment: The Treacherous Dungeon is designed to test your awareness and reflexes. Take your time to observe your surroundings and look out for hidden traps and secret passages.
  • Take it Slow: It is important to move cautiously in the dungeon. Rushing through the area can lead to fatal mistakes. Take your time to analyze each situation and plan your actions carefully.
  • Manage Your Stamina: Stamina management is crucial in Elden Ring. Avoid exhausting your stamina completely, as it leaves you vulnerable to attacks. Utilize your stamina wisely and take breaks to regenerate it when necessary.
  • Learn Enemy Patterns: Study the movement and attack patterns of the enemies in the dungeon. This knowledge will allow you to anticipate their next move and take advantage of their weaknesses.
  • Utilize Stealth: In some areas of the dungeon, it may be beneficial to utilize stealth to avoid detection. Sneak up on enemies and perform stealth takedowns to eliminate them silently.
  • Cooperate with Companions: If you have companions accompanying you in the dungeon, make use of their abilities and coordinate your actions. Working together can increase your chances of overcoming challenges.
  • Take Breaks: The Treacherous Dungeon can be a mentally and physically draining experience. Take breaks when needed to rest, recover, and regain your focus.

By following these tips, you will be well-equipped to navigate the Treacherous Dungeon and emerge victorious. Remember to stay patient, persevere through challenges, and learn from your mistakes. Good luck, adventurer!

Gaining the Trust of the Blacksmith Iji

In Elden Ring, the Blacksmith Iji is a key NPC that players must gain the trust of in order to obtain the Godslayer’s Seal. The Godslayer’s Seal is a powerful artifact that grants the player access to new areas and abilities.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to gain the trust of the Blacksmith Iji:

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  1. Locate the Blacksmith Iji: The Blacksmith Iji can be found in the city of Elmos, which is located in the central region of Elden Ring. Look for a large forge or anvil-like structure to find the Blacksmith.
  2. Complete Blacksmith Iji’s Requests: The Blacksmith Iji will have a series of requests or tasks that players must complete to gain her trust. These requests often involve finding rare materials, defeating powerful enemies, or solving puzzles.
  3. Showcase your Skills: As you complete the Blacksmith’s requests, make sure to showcase your combat skills and your ability to overcome difficult challenges. This will impress the Blacksmith and increase her trust in you.
  4. Offer Materials and Souls: The Blacksmith Iji is particularly interested in rare materials and powerful souls. Make sure to gather and offer these items to the Blacksmith as a token of your dedication and loyalty.

By following these steps and gaining the trust of the Blacksmith Iji, players will unlock the Godslayer’s Seal and gain access to new areas and abilities in Elden Ring. Remember to check in with the Blacksmith regularly, as she may have new requests or rewards for you throughout your journey.

Unleashing the Power of the Godslayer’s Seal

The Godslayer’s Seal is a powerful artifact that players can obtain in Elden Ring. This seal bestows incredible powers upon its wielder and is a vital tool in the battle against the gods. However, to truly unleash the seal’s power, players must complete a series of steps and challenges.

Step 1: Obtaining the Godslayer’s Seal

The first step towards unleashing the power of the Godslayer’s Seal is to actually obtain it. This can be done by defeating the powerful boss known as the Godslayer. Once defeated, the Godslayer will drop the seal, allowing the player to pick it up and harness its power.

Step 2: Empowering the Godslayer’s Seal

After obtaining the Godslayer’s Seal, players must then empower it. This can be done by collecting a series of ancient runes scattered throughout the world. These runes are hidden in treacherous dungeons, guarded by fearsome enemies. Once all the runes are collected, the player can imbue the seal with their power, unlocking its true potential.

Step 3: Awakening the Godslayer’s Seal

Once the seal is empowered, players must undertake a challenging quest to awaken its full power. This involves venturing into the depths of the ancient temple and facing off against a formidable guardian. Only those with true mastery of their skills and knowledge of the seal’s secrets will be able to overcome this final challenge and fully awaken the seal.

Step 4: Harnessing the Power

With the Godslayer’s Seal fully awakened, players can now harness its incredible power in battle. The seal grants the wielder enhanced abilities, such as increased strength, agility, and magical prowess. It also allows the player to deliver devastating attacks that can defeat even the most formidable foes.

In conclusion, unleashing the power of the Godslayer’s Seal is a multi-step process that requires skill, determination, and a deep understanding of its mysteries. But for those who are able to complete the journey, the rewards are immense, as they become true godslayers with the power to challenge even the mightiest of divinities.


What is the Godslayer’s Seal in Elden Ring?

The Godslayer’s Seal is a special item in the game Elden Ring that is said to grant incredible power to those who possess it.

How do I obtain the Godslayer’s Seal in Elden Ring?

To obtain the Godslayer’s Seal in Elden Ring, you must complete a series of challenging quests and defeat powerful bosses. It is a long and difficult process, but the reward is well worth it.

Are there any specific requirements or level recommendations for obtaining the Godslayer’s Seal in Elden Ring?

Yes, there are recommended levels for each of the bosses and quests required to obtain the Godslayer’s Seal. It is recommended to be at least level 50 and have powerful gear before attempting these challenges. Additionally, it is important to have completed certain story quests and unlocked specific areas in the game.

Is there a time limit or deadline for obtaining the Godslayer’s Seal in Elden Ring?

No, there is no time limit or deadline for obtaining the Godslayer’s Seal in Elden Ring. The game allows you to complete it at your own pace, so take your time and enjoy the journey.

What are the benefits of obtaining the Godslayer’s Seal in Elden Ring?

The Godslayer’s Seal grants several benefits to the player. It enhances your abilities and attributes, increasing your overall power and making it easier to defeat tough enemies. It also unlocks special abilities and spells that can aid you in combat. Additionally, possessing the Godslayer’s Seal gives you access to certain areas and quests that are otherwise inaccessible.

Are there any alternative methods to obtaining the Godslayer’s Seal in Elden Ring?

No, there are no alternative methods to obtaining the Godslayer’s Seal in Elden Ring. The only way to obtain it is to complete the required quests and defeat the necessary bosses.

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