Quick Guide: How to Finally Fast Travel in Outward


How to fast travel (finally) in Outward

Outward, the open-world RPG developed by Nine Dots Studio, offers players a vast and immersive world to explore. However, one criticism players often have is the lack of a fast travel system. With such a large map and long distances to cover, traveling from one location to another can become tiresome and time-consuming.

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But fear not! We have prepared a quick guide to help you fast travel in Outward and save yourself from endless hours of walking.

Step 1: Unlocking the Fast Travel System

The first step in unlocking the fast travel system is to complete a specific quest known as the “Explorer’s Guide.” This quest is given to you by a character named Siobhan in the city of Cierzo. Follow the questline and complete the tasks given to you to unlock the ability to use fast travel.

Note: The Explorer’s Guide questline is part of the base game Outward and does not require any DLC or expansions.

Step 2: Acquiring Fast Travel Pack

Once you have unlocked the fast travel system, you will need to acquire a Fast Travel Pack. These packs can be purchased from a variety of merchants scattered throughout the game world. Look for characters such as General Stores or Alchemists, as they are most likely to have the packs in stock.

Tip: Make sure to keep an eye on your finances and save up enough silver to purchase the Fast Travel Pack.

Step 3: Using the Fast Travel System

With the Fast Travel Pack in your possession, you can start using the fast travel system. Open your inventory and equip the pack in your quick slot. Then, simply interact with any Fast Travel Beacon, which can be found in major cities and other landmark locations throughout the game.

Caution: Using the fast travel system consumes In-Spells, a resource that can be replenished by resting in a tent or paying for lodging at an inn.

And there you have it! With these three simple steps, you can finally fast travel in Outward and enjoy a more convenient and efficient way of exploring the vast world of the game. Happy travels!

Quick Guide on How to Fast Travel in Outward

In the vast and dangerous world of Outward, traveling long distances can be time-consuming and challenging. Thankfully, there is a way to fast travel and save precious time. Here is a quick guide on how to fast travel in Outward:

  1. Obtain a Travel Ration: Travel Rations are consumable items that allow you to fast travel. They can be purchased from certain merchants or found in various locations throughout the game. Make sure to always have some Travel Rations in your inventory.
  2. Find a Fast Travel Point: Fast Travel Points are specific locations in the game where you can use Travel Rations to fast travel. These points are usually marked on your map or can be discovered by exploring the world. Look for icons that resemble a campfire or a bed to find Fast Travel Points.
  3. Interact with the Fast Travel Point: Once you have found a Fast Travel Point, approach it and interact with it. A menu will appear, showing you the different locations you can fast travel to. Choose your desired destination.
  4. Confirm and Use Travel Rations: After selecting your destination, confirm your choice and spend one Travel Ration to complete the fast travel. Your character will instantly teleport to the chosen location.

Keep in mind that fast traveling in Outward consumes Travel Rations, so make sure to stock up on them whenever you get the chance. Additionally, not all locations in the game have Fast Travel Points, so you may still need to travel on foot or by other means in certain situations.

Fast traveling can be a useful tool for saving time and reaching distant areas quickly in Outward. Use it wisely and continue your adventures with more efficiency!

Important Note: It’s worth mentioning that fast travel in Outward is only possible with the DLC “The Soroboreans”. If you don’t have this DLC, you won’t be able to fast travel in the game.

Unlocking Fast Travel Points

In Outward, fast travel points are locations on the map that you can instantly teleport to, saving you a lot of time and effort when traversing the game world. Unlocking these fast travel points can be a game-changer, allowing you to easily move between different areas and complete quests more efficiently.

To unlock fast travel points, you need to activate Ley Line Monuments scattered throughout the game world. These monuments are usually located in important areas or near significant landmarks. When you activate a Ley Line Monument, it becomes a fast travel point that you can later teleport to.

Here are the steps to unlock fast travel points:

  1. Explore the game world and look for Ley Line Monuments. These monuments are often marked on the map as icons with a triangular shape.
  2. Approach a Ley Line Monument and interact with it by pressing the designated button.
  3. After activating the monument, it will become a fast travel point that you can access from any other activated fast travel point.
  4. To fast travel, open your map by pressing the map button, then select the desired fast travel point and confirm your choice.

It’s important to note that not all areas in the game have Ley Line Monuments, so fast travel may not always be available. Additionally, some fast travel points may require certain conditions to be met or quests to be completed before they can be activated.

Benefits of Fast Travel

| Benefits | Explanation | | Time-saving | Fast travel allows you to instantly teleport to different locations, saving you time and effort. | | Efficient Quest Completion | By unlocking fast travel points, you can easily move between quest locations, making it easier to complete quests efficiently. | | Exploration | Fast travel points make it easier to explore the game world, as you can quickly move between different areas. |

Overall, unlocking fast travel points is a valuable asset in Outward, greatly enhancing your gameplay experience and making your adventures more enjoyable.

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Acquiring the Fast Travel Pack

The Fast Travel Pack is an essential item in Outward that allows players to quickly navigate between different areas of the game world. It enables them to save time and makes the gameplay experience more efficient.

To acquire the Fast Travel Pack, you will need to complete a quest called “The Scaled Backpack” in the city of Berg. This quest can be obtained from a character named Rissa at the Thieves Guild.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to complete the quest and obtain the Fast Travel Pack:

  1. Travel to the city of Berg and locate the Thieves Guild. It is located in the southeastern part of the city.
  2. Speak to Rissa, the leader of the Thieves Guild, and ask her about any available jobs. She will mention a valuable artifact called the Scaled Backpack.
  3. Rissa will tell you that the Scaled Backpack is in possession of a bandit leader named Roland. She will give you the location of his camp in the Hallowed Marsh region.
  4. Travel to the Hallowed Marsh region and locate Roland’s camp. It is usually found in the southern part of the region.
  5. Defeat Roland and his bandits to obtain the Scaled Backpack. It can be a tough fight, so make sure you are well-prepared before engaging in combat.
  6. Return to Rissa at the Thieves Guild in Berg and give her the Scaled Backpack. She will reward you with the Fast Travel Pack.

You can now use the Fast Travel Pack to quickly teleport to different locations in the game world. Simply open your inventory, select the Fast Travel Pack, and choose the desired location from the list.

Keep in mind that the Fast Travel Pack has a limited number of charges, so use it wisely. You can recharge it by resting at a bed or by using a Travel Ration.

With the Fast Travel Pack in your possession, your journey in Outward will become much more convenient and enjoyable. So make sure to complete the quest and acquire this useful item as soon as possible!

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Using Fast Travel to Save Time in Outward

In the open-world RPG game Outward, time management is crucial for success. One way to save time and make the most of your gameplay is by utilizing the fast travel system. Fast travel allows you to quickly move between different locations in the game, eliminating the need for long and tedious journeys on foot.

How to Unlock Fast Travel

To unlock fast travel in Outward, you need to discover various fast travel points throughout the game world. These points are usually marked as icons on your map and can be found in cities, camps, and other significant locations. Once you have discovered a fast travel point, you can use it to travel to and from that location.

Using Fast Travel Points

To use a fast travel point, approach the designated area and interact with it. This could involve activating a specific mechanism or speaking to an NPC. Once activated, a menu will appear, allowing you to choose your desired destination. Select the location you want to travel to, and the game will load a loading screen before placing you at your chosen destination.

Benefits of Fast Travel

Fast travel offers several benefits that help you save time in Outward. Here are a few key advantages:

  1. Efficient Explorations: With fast travel, you can quickly visit different areas of the game world, allowing you to explore more efficiently. This is especially useful when you need to complete quests or gather resources in different locations.
  2. Time-Saving: Fast travel eliminates the need for long walks or horseback rides, saving you a significant amount of real-time in your gameplay sessions. This is particularly helpful when you want to focus on specific objectives or complete time-sensitive tasks.
  3. Improved Connectivity: Fast travel points connect various parts of the game world, making it easier to navigate and access different regions. This improves overall connectivity and helps you reach distant areas more quickly.

Limitations and Considerations

While fast travel is a convenient feature, there are a few limitations and considerations to keep in mind:

  • Unlocking Fast Travel Points: You need to actively discover fast travel points in the game world to unlock them. This requires exploration and often completing specific tasks or quests.
  • Limited Fast Travel Locations: The availability of fast travel points is limited, and they are not available in every location. This means you may still need to travel manually on foot or by other means in some areas.
  • Resource Management: Fast travel consumes a significant amount of in-game resources, such as silver or other portable items. Make sure you have enough resources before utilizing the fast travel system.


Fast travel is a valuable tool for saving time and enhancing your gameplay experience in Outward. By unlocking and effectively utilizing fast travel points, you can explore, complete quests, and navigate the game world more efficiently. However, it’s essential to understand the limitations and considerations associated with fast travel to make the most of this feature.


What is Outward?

Outward is an open-world RPG game developed by Nine Dots Studio. It is set in a fantasy world called Aurai, where players take on the role of an adventurer who must survive in a harsh and unforgiving environment.

Why is fast travel important in Outward?

Fast travel is important in Outward because it allows players to quickly and conveniently move across the game world. This can be especially useful when trying to complete quests or explore different areas of the map.

How do I unlock fast travel in Outward?

To unlock fast travel in Outward, you first need to find a Ley Line connection. These can be found in certain areas of the game world, and they allow you to teleport between different cities and settlements.

Can I fast travel to any location in Outward?

No, you can only fast travel to locations that are connected by Ley Lines. These connections are fixed and cannot be changed or expanded.

Are there any limitations to fast travel in Outward?

Yes, there are some limitations to fast travel in Outward. First, you need to have discovered the Ley Line connection before you can use it. Second, fast travel consumes a resource called Travel Rations, so you need to make sure you have enough of them before you can teleport. Lastly, fast travel is not instant and may take some time to load.

Where can I find Travel Rations in Outward?

You can find Travel Rations in various locations in Outward, such as cities, settlements, and from enemies you defeat. You can also craft Travel Rations using certain materials and recipes.

Is fast travel available from the beginning of the game?

No, fast travel is not available from the beginning of the game. You will need to unlock Ley Line connections and obtain Travel Rations before you can start using fast travel.

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