Phasmophobia: All Cursed Possession Locations in Camp Woodwind


Phasmophobia: Unveiling the Hideouts of Cursed Possessions in Camp Woodwind.

Welcome to Camp Woodwind, a haunted location in the popular co-op horror game Phasmophobia. This spooky campground is filled with eerie atmosphere and terrifying entities, including cursed possessions. In this guide, we will explore all the cursed possession locations in Camp Woodwind and provide tips on how to find and interact with them.

Cursed possessions are special items that can be found in various locations throughout the game. Interacting with these objects can trigger paranormal events and provide valuable evidence for identifying the ghost haunting the area. In Camp Woodwind, there are several cursed possessions scattered throughout the campground, each with its own unique effects and significance.

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As you navigate through the dark and sinister woods of Camp Woodwind, keep an eye out for objects that seem out of place or emanate an otherworldly energy. These cursed possessions can take the form of dolls, relics, or personal belongings of the ghost’s victims. Interacting with them, such as picking them up or moving them, may anger the ghost and lead to more intense paranormal activity.

Remember, the cursed possession locations in Camp Woodwind are randomized for each playthrough, so you will need to explore the area thoroughly to find them. Be prepared for jump scares and eerie encounters as you venture deeper into the haunted campground. Good luck and may your investigation in Camp Woodwind be successful.

Phasmophobia: All Cursed Possession Locations in Camp Woodwind

In the popular ghost-hunting game Phasmophobia, one of the locations players can investigate is Camp Woodwind. This haunted campsite is known for its cursed possessions scattered throughout the area. If you’re looking to complete the “Cursed Possessions” objective, here are all the locations you need to check in Camp Woodwind:

1. Cabin Lower Bunk Beds

A number of cursed possessions can be found on the lower bunk beds in the cabins at Camp Woodwind. Make sure to thoroughly search each cabin, as the items may vary from game to game.

2. Campfire Area

Head to the campfire area in Camp Woodwind to find some cursed possessions. Look around the benches and picnic tables, as well as the ground near the fire pit.

3. Tents

Explore the various tents in Camp Woodwind to find cursed possessions. Check the tables, sleeping bags, and any other surfaces inside the tents.

4. Canoes

Don’t forget to search the canoes located near the lake in Camp Woodwind. Cursed items can sometimes be found inside the canoes or nearby on the ground.

5. Dock Area

Make your way to the dock area at Camp Woodwind and look for cursed possessions. Check the benches, crates, and any other objects you can interact with.

Remember, the cursed possessions may not always appear in the same locations every game, so be thorough in your search and check all possible areas. Happy ghost hunting!

Uncover the Haunting Secrets of Camp Woodwind

Welcome to Camp Woodwind, a picturesque retreat nestled deep in the woods. While it may seem like a tranquil getaway, it hides dark secrets that will send chills down your spine. Ghost hunters, prepare yourselves for a harrowing exploration of the paranormal.

As you navigate the eerie trails of Camp Woodwind, be on the lookout for cursed possessions scattered throughout the grounds. These objects hold a sinister power, attracting malevolent spirits and intensifying their presence. Your task is to find and neutralize these cursed items to restore peace to the camp.

Here are the haunting secrets of Camp Woodwind:

  • The Cursed Teddy Bear: A seemingly innocent toy with a grisly past. This cursed possession is known to manifest as a poltergeist, causing objects to move and throw them in a fit of rage. Approach with caution.
  • The Haunted Necklace: This ornate necklace holds the vengeful spirit of a scorned lover. It is said to bring about feelings of overwhelming sadness and despair. Keep a close eye on your emotional state while in its presence.
  • The Sinister Music Box: With its haunting melody, this cursed possession lures unsuspecting victims into a trance-like state. In this state, the spirits can easily manipulate and terrorize their prey. Stay vigilant and resist its enchanting calls.

To aid your investigation, it is crucial to gather evidence and document your findings. Be sure to bring along your trusty EMF reader, spirit box, and UV flashlight. These tools will help you detect supernatural activity and gather valuable clues.

As you explore Camp Woodwind, remember to communicate with your team and share your discoveries. The more information you gather, the better equipped you’ll be to identify the type of ghost haunting the camp.

Ghost TypeEvidence
PoltergeistEMF Level 5, Fingerprints, Spirit Box
YureiGhost Orb, Freezing Temperatures, D.O.T.S Projector
RevenantGhost Writing, Ghost Orb, EMF Level 5

Once you have identified the type of ghost haunting Camp Woodwind, it is time to devise a strategy to rid the camp of its malevolent presence. Use smudge sticks, salt, and crucifixes to weaken the ghost and protect yourself.

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Are you brave enough to delve into the hidden secrets of Camp Woodwind? Grab your ghost-hunting gear and prepare for a bone-chilling adventure. The spirits await your arrival.

Find the Cursed Possessions Hidden Amongst the Trees

When investigating the paranormal in Camp Woodwind, it is crucial to locate the cursed possessions hidden amongst the trees. These cursed possessions are essential in identifying the type of ghost haunting the area and will provide crucial information for successful ghost hunting.

In order to find the cursed possessions, it is important to thoroughly search each area of the camp. Here are some locations where the cursed possessions can be found:

  • Tents: Enter each tent and examine the belongings inside. The cursed possessions may be hidden among personal items such as clothing or photographs.
  • Campfire area: Look around the campfire for any objects that seem out of place. The cursed possessions may be disguised as everyday objects, so pay close attention.
  • Tables and benches: Check the tables and benches scattered throughout the camp. The cursed possessions could be placed on top or hidden underneath these surfaces.
  • Storage crates: Investigate the storage crates found in various areas. The cursed possessions may be stored inside or on top of these crates.
  • Tree stumps: Examine the tree stumps in the camp. The cursed possessions may be hidden inside the hollow areas or attached to the bark.

Once you have located a cursed possession, take note of its appearance and location. It is crucial to record this information for later analysis and to aid in the identification of the ghost haunting Camp Woodwind.

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Remember to approach the search for cursed possessions with caution and be prepared for any paranormal activity that may occur. Good luck in your investigation!

Discover the Terrifying Origins of the Camp’s Dark History

The peaceful Camp Woodwind that you find in Phasmophobia has a dark history that dates back many years. Hidden within the serene landscapes and cabins are secrets and curses that have haunted the area for centuries.

Legends whisper that the camp was built on an ancient Native American burial ground, where spirits of the departed continue to roam. It is said that these restless entities are responsible for the curse that plagues the camp and its visitors.

The curse of Camp Woodwind manifests itself through various cursed possessions scattered throughout the grounds. These cursed objects hold a powerful energy that can attract the attention of vengeful spirits, leading to terrifying encounters and paranormal activities.

One of the most renowned cursed possessions at Camp Woodwind is an eerie music box that is said to have been used by a troubled musician who met a tragic end. Its haunting melody echoes through the cabins, creating an unsettling atmosphere that can send shivers down your spine.

Another cursed item that should be approached with caution is a cracked mirror hidden in one of the cabins. It is believed that this mirror holds the spirit of a young girl who tragically lost her life during her time at the camp. Gazing into the mirror may reveal more than just your own reflection.

Aside from these specific items, there are numerous other cursed possessions scattered throughout Camp Woodwind. These can include old dolls, books filled with ominous writings, and even creepy totems that have been used in dark rituals. Each of these objects holds its own story and carries the weight of the curse.

To truly understand the dark history of Camp Woodwind and the origins of its curse, paranormal investigators must delve deep into the camp’s past. Documenting the stories of past campers and the tragedies that occurred on the grounds can provide valuable insights into the supernatural occurrences that plague the area.

So, if you dare to explore Camp Woodwind and face its terrifying curse, be prepared for the spine-chilling encounters that await you. Uncover the secrets of the cursed possessions and unlock the mysteries of the camp’s dark past, but remember to tread carefully, for the spirits that dwell here seek to torment and haunt those who cross their path.


What is Phasmophobia?

Phasmophobia is a popular multiplayer horror game where players take on the role of paranormal investigators and explore haunted locations to gather evidence of ghosts.

Where is Camp Woodwind located?

Camp Woodwind is located in a dense forest, surrounded by mountains and lakes. It is a popular spot for people who enjoy camping and outdoor activities.

What are cursed possessions in Phasmophobia?

Cursed possessions are objects within the game that are believed to be haunted and have a negative effect on players who interact with them. They can cause various paranormal phenomena and increase the danger level in the game.

How many cursed possession locations are there in Camp Woodwind?

There are a total of five cursed possession locations in Camp Woodwind. These locations are scattered throughout the campsite and can be found in different buildings and areas.

What happens if a player interacts with a cursed possession?

If a player interacts with a cursed possession, they may experience paranormal activity such as hearing strange voices, seeing ghostly apparitions, or feeling a sense of dread. The presence of cursed possessions also increases the chance of encountering more aggressive ghosts.

Can cursed possessions be removed or destroyed?

In Phasmophobia, cursed possessions cannot be removed or destroyed. They remain in their designated locations throughout the game and continue to have an impact on the gameplay.

Are cursed possessions necessary to complete the game?

No, cursed possessions are not necessary to complete the game. However, they add an additional challenge and level of fear for players who want a more intense paranormal experience.

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