Meet the Voice Actors of It Takes Two: A Complete Guide


Who are the voice actors in It Takes Two?

It Takes Two is a captivating co-op adventure game that follows the story of two characters, Cody and May, who are transformed into dolls and must learn to work together to repair their broken relationship. One of the standout features of this game is its voice acting, which brings the characters to life and adds depth to their emotions and interactions.

Leading the cast is the talented Rose Leslie, known for her roles in Game of Thrones and The Good Fight. Leslie lends her voice to the character of May, a determined and resourceful woman who is determined to find a way back to her normal life. Her performance adds a touch of vulnerability and strength to the character, making her relatable to players.

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Playing opposite Leslie is Troy Baker, who voices the character of Cody. Baker is a veteran voice actor, with notable roles in games such as The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite. In It Takes Two, Baker brings his talent for capturing complex emotions to the character of Cody, who is struggling with his own demons while trying to navigate the challenges of the game.

Supporting the main characters is a diverse cast of voice actors who bring their own unique talents to the game. From the comedic performances of Jamil Walker Smith and Richard Epcar to the dramatic delivery of Kari Wahlgren and Karen Strassman, each actor adds depth and personality to their respective characters.

It Takes Two is a testament to the power of voice acting in video games, and the talented cast behind the game adds an extra layer of immersion to an already fantastic experience. Whether it’s the emotional performances or the comedic timing, the voice actors of It Takes Two have truly brought the characters and their story to life.

Meet the Voice Actors of It Takes Two: A Complete Guide

In the video game industry, voice actors play a crucial role in bringing characters to life and creating memorable experiences for players. The same goes for the action-adventure game It Takes Two, developed by Hazelight Studios. Let’s take a closer look at the talented voice actors who gave life to the characters in this game.

  • Cody - Cody is one of the main characters in It Takes Two. He is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, a veteran voice actor known for his work in various video games and animated series. Lowenthal’s energetic performance brings Cody’s playful and adventurous personality to the forefront.
  • May - May, the other half of the duo, is skillfully voiced by Kari Wahlgren. Wahlgren is a popular voice actress who has lent her voice to numerous video game characters over the years. Her portrayal of May captures both her determination and vulnerability.
  • Dr. Hakim - Dr. Hakim, a self-help book with a flamboyant personality, is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Baker is an experienced actor and voice artist, recognized for his ability to bring unique and diverse characters to life.
  • Book of Love - The Book of Love, a magical entity guiding Cody and May, is voiced by Cissy Jones. Jones is a talented actress and voice artist, known for her work in various video games where she brings depth and emotion to her performances.
  • Moon Baboon - Moon Baboon, a mysterious character that aids Cody and May throughout their journey, is voiced by Brian Sommer. Sommer is a voice actor who has provided voices for various video game characters, and his performance adds a touch of humor to the game.

The voice actors mentioned above are just a few examples of the talented individuals who brought the characters of It Takes Two to life. Their performances add depth, emotion, and personality to the game, enhancing the overall experience for players.

Whether it’s through their animated expressions, comedic timing, or heartfelt moments, the voice actors of It Takes Two deserve recognition for their valuable contributions to the game’s success.

Who Voices Rose and Cody in It Takes Two?

It Takes Two is a cooperative action-adventure game developed by Hazelight Studios. The game features a diverse cast of characters brought to life by talented voice actors. Two of the main characters in the game, Rose and Cody, are voiced by the following actors:

CharacterVoice Actor
CodyMaxwell Apple

Na8tive, whose real name is Noah Watt, provides the voice for Rose in It Takes Two. Na8tive is a professional voice actor known for his work in various video games and animated series. He brings Rose to life with a unique and expressive performance.

Maxwell Apple lends his voice to the character of Cody in It Takes Two. Maxwell is a talented voice actor with a diverse range of roles in both video games and animated series. His portrayal of Cody adds depth and emotion to the character.

Together, these voice actors bring the characters of Rose and Cody to life in It Takes Two, immersing players in an unforgettable cooperative gaming experience.

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Get to Know the Voice Actors Behind Other Characters

While the main characters of It Takes Two, Cody and May, are voiced by Cody Benjamin Smith and Fares Fares respectively, there are also some other notable voice actors who bring the game’s secondary characters to life:

  • Dr. Hakim: This charismatic book of love is voiced by David Bateson, known for his work as the voice of Agent 47 in the Hitman series.
  • Moon Baboon: The mischievous creature that guides Cody and May throughout their adventure is voiced by Andreas Apergis, a Canadian actor known for his roles in TV shows like The Umbrella Academy.
  • Mama and Papa: These larger-than-life dolls, who appear as boss characters in the game, are voiced by Helena Bonham Carter and Michael Sheen respectively. Both actors have impressive filmographies and have taken on a wide range of roles in their careers.
  • Book of Love: The wise and insightful book that provides guidance to Cody and May is voiced by Olivia Olson, known for her role as Joanna in the film Love Actually.

With such a talented cast of voice actors, It Takes Two delivers not only an engaging gameplay experience but also memorable character performances. Each voice actor brings their own unique flair to their respective characters, adding depth and personality to the game’s world. Whether it’s the comedic banter of Dr. Hakim or the endearing guidance of the Moon Baboon, the voice actors behind the other characters in It Takes Two help make the game a truly immersive experience.

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Meet the Talented Voice Cast of It Takes Two

It Takes Two, the critically acclaimed co-op adventure game developed by Hazelight Studios, features an incredible voice cast that brings the charming and dynamic characters to life. Here is a look at the talented voice actors behind the game:

CharacterVoice Actor
CodySamuel Vincent
MayKari Wahlgren
Dr. HakimDavid Lodge
Book of LoveOliver Maguire
RoseMaddie Dixon-Poirier
ClaraEmily Shaffer
ElephantMichael Schwalbe
SquirrelAntony Del Rio

The voice cast of It Takes Two is made up of incredibly talented actors who bring their characters to life with their unique voices and performances.

Samuel Vincent, who voices Cody, brings a playful and endearing quality to the character. Kari Wahlgren, voicing May, brings depth and emotion to her character’s journey. David Lodge, as Dr. Hakim, delivers a hilarious and eccentric performance. Oliver Maguire, as the Book of Love, brings wisdom and warmth to the role.

Maddie Dixon-Poirier, who voices Rose, captures the innocence and wonder of the character. Emily Shaffer, as Clara, delivers a strong and determined performance. Michael Schwalbe, voicing the Elephant, brings a gentle and wise presence to the character. Antony Del Rio, as the Squirrel, adds a mischievous and comedic element to the game.

Together, the voice cast of It Takes Two creates a memorable and immersive experience, enhancing the game’s narrative and emotional impact. Their performances breathe life into the characters and make the co-op adventure all the more engaging and enjoyable.

It Takes Two is a testament to the power of voice acting and the talents of these incredible actors. Their contributions elevate the game and make it a truly unforgettable experience.


Who are the voice actors in the game It Takes Two?

The voice actors in the game It Takes Two include Cody and May, the main characters, voiced by Sam Vincent and Selma Blair, respectively.

What are some other notable voice actors in It Takes Two?

Other notable voice actors in the game It Takes Two include Dr. Hakim, the love book character, voiced by Anthony Hanson, and the various supporting characters, voiced by talented voice actors such as Ashly Burch.

How did the voice actors prepare for their roles in It Takes Two?

The voice actors in It Takes Two prepared for their roles by working closely with the game’s director, Josef Fares, to capture the essence of the characters and bring them to life through their voices. They also studied the game’s script, practiced their deliveries, and experimented with different emotions to create authentic performances.

What challenges did the voice actors face when working on It Takes Two?

The voice actors in It Takes Two faced many challenges, including having to match their performances to the game’s animations and ensuring that their voices conveyed the right emotions during the different gameplay scenarios. They also had to work together to maintain a consistent tone throughout the game and create believable chemistry between the characters.

What was the most rewarding part of voicing characters in It Takes Two for the voice actors?

The most rewarding part of voicing characters in It Takes Two for the voice actors was seeing how their performances brought the characters to life and contributed to the overall immersive and emotional experience of the game. They were also proud to be a part of a project that tells a unique and heartfelt story about love and relationships.

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