How to Obtain Walker Brains in No Man’s Sky and Understand Their Importance


How to get Walker Brains in No Man’s Sky, and what they do

In the vast universe of No Man’s Sky, one of the most sought-after resources is the Walker Brain. These rare and valuable items can be used for a variety of purposes, from crafting powerful weapons to unlocking advanced technologies.

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To obtain Walker Brains, players will need to locate and defeat the fearsome Sentinels, robotic guardians that patrol the planets. The most efficient way to find these Sentinels is by locating their nests, which can be identified by their distinctive red glow.

Once a nest has been located, players will need to carefully approach and engage the Sentinels in combat. These hulking machines are not to be underestimated, as they can deal significant damage and have a substantial amount of health. Players will need to use their wits and arsenal of weapons to take them down.

After defeating the Sentinels, players will have a chance to obtain a Walker Brain as a reward. These brains can be used in various crafting recipes, or they can be exchanged for rare resources and technologies with other players or NPCs. They are highly sought-after items, so players should expect a healthy trade value for them.

In conclusion, obtaining Walker Brains in No Man’s Sky is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. These rare items can greatly enhance a player’s arsenal and provide access to advanced technologies. So gear up, locate those Sentinels nests, and be prepared for an epic battle to secure your own Walker Brain.

Overview of Walker Brains in No Man’s Sky

In the world of No Man’s Sky, Walker Brains are valuable resources that players can obtain by defeating Sentinels. These rare items are highly sought after for their various uses and benefits in the game.

Walker Brains can be used as a currency in certain trading systems within the game, allowing players to acquire valuable items and resources. Additionally, Walker Brains can also be used as an ingredient in crafting recipes, unlocking new technologies and blueprints.

To obtain Walker Brains, players must locate and engage with Sentinel Nests. These Nests are typically found in planetary bases or outposts, and they are heavily guarded by Sentinel forces. Players will need to defeat the Sentinels and destroy the Nest to obtain Walker Brains.

However, players should be cautious when engaging with Sentinel Nests, as the Sentinels will respond aggressively to any threat. It is important to come prepared with weapons and defenses to ensure success in obtaining Walker Brains.

Once obtained, Walker Brains can be stored in a player’s inventory or used immediately for trading or crafting. It is recommended to keep a sufficient amount of Walker Brains on hand, as they can be difficult to come by and are in high demand within the game’s economy.

Benefits of Walker Brains
1. Currency: Walker Brains can be used as a form of currency in trading systems.
2. Crafting: Walker Brains can be used as an ingredient in crafting recipes to unlock new technologies and blueprints.
3. Tradeable: Players can sell Walker Brains to other players or trade them for valuable items and resources.
4. Limited Supply: Walker Brains are rare and difficult to obtain, making them highly valuable in the game’s economy.

In conclusion, Walker Brains are a valuable resource in No Man’s Sky that can be obtained by defeating Sentinels. They have multiple uses and benefits, including acting as a currency, an ingredient for crafting, and a tradeable item. It is important to be prepared when engaging with Sentinel Nests to ensure success in obtaining Walker Brains.

What are Walker Brains

Walker Brains are a valuable resource in the game No Man’s Sky. They are obtained by defeating Sentinels Walker, which are powerful and heavily armed robotic enemies found on certain planets.

These Walker Brains are a component used in the construction of various advanced technologies and upgrades in the game. They are used in the crafting of items such as Exosuit upgrades, Multi-tool upgrades, and Starship upgrades.

Obtaining Walker Brains can be challenging, as Sentinels Walkers are formidable enemies that require careful strategy and combat skills to defeat. It is recommended to be well-prepared with powerful weapons and equipment before engaging them in battle.

Once you have successfully defeated a Sentinel Walker, you can collect its brain as a loot drop. Walker Brains can also be obtained as rewards for completing certain missions or by trading with other players.

Having a good supply of Walker Brains is crucial for players who want to enhance their equipment and progress further in the game. They can be used to unlock powerful upgrades and improve various aspects of gameplay.

It is important to note that Walker Brains are a rare resource, so players should prioritize their collection and manage them wisely. Keeping a stockpile of Walker Brains can provide an advantage in combat encounters and make the exploration of challenging planets easier.

Importance of Walker Brains in No Man’s Sky

In the vast and mysterious universe of No Man’s Sky, Walker Brains play a crucial role in advancing the player’s progress and survival. These valuable resources are obtained by defeating Sentinels, robotic guardians that patrol different planets.

Walker Brains are considered a rare and highly sought-after item as they can be used to craft powerful upgrades and technologies. These upgrades can significantly enhance the player’s capabilities, making them more formidable in combat and increasing their chances of survival in hostile environments.

One of the most notable uses for Walker Brains is the creation of Walker Brain Infusers. These infusers are essential for unlocking and powering up various exosuit upgrades, allowing the player to withstand extreme weather conditions, survive hazardous environments, and navigate dangerous terrain more effectively.

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Additionally, Walker Brains are also a valuable trading commodity. Players can sell them to Galactic Traders or other NPCs for a significant amount of units, the game’s currency. This can be a lucrative strategy for players looking to accumulate wealth and acquire rare items and resources.

Obtaining Walker Brains can be a challenging task as Sentinels are formidable opponents. They are equipped with powerful weapons and shields, making them difficult to defeat. However, taking down Sentinels and collecting Walker Brains can be a rewarding experience for players who are up for the challenge.

It is worth noting that Walker Brains are not the only resource dropped by Sentinels. They also drop other valuable items such as Nanites, Salvaged Data, and Sentinel Cores, which can be used for various purposes in the game.

To increase the chances of encountering Sentinels and obtaining Walker Brains, players can explore planets with higher Sentinel activity levels. These planets often have Sentinel Nests, which serve as the spawning grounds for these robotic guardians. Approaching and destroying these nests can trigger Sentinel reinforcements, providing more opportunities for collecting Walker Brains.

In conclusion, Walker Brains are a vital resource in No Man’s Sky, offering numerous benefits to players. From crafting powerful upgrades to trading for wealth, these rare items hold great value in the vast universe of No Man’s Sky.

How to Obtain Walker Brains

In No Man’s Sky, Walker Brains are a valuable resource used for various purposes, including crafting advanced technologies and upgrading equipment. Obtaining Walker Brains can be a challenging task, but with the right strategies and tools, you can collect them efficiently.

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1. Locate Walker Encampments: Walkers can be found guarding the various Sentinel Nests scattered across the planets. These nests are marked with a red icon on your scanner. Locate these nests to find the Walkers and initiate a confrontation.

2. Disable the Walker’s Shields: Walkers are heavily armored and equipped with powerful shields. To obtain their brains, you need to break through their defenses. Use your starship’s weaponry or Exosuit’s multitool to attack the Walker’s shield generators and disable them.

3. Attack the Walker’s Main Body: Once the shields are down, focus your attacks on the Walker’s main body. Use your multitool’s mining laser or other powerful weapons to deal damage. Be careful as Walkers will retaliate with powerful laser beams and stomping attacks.

4. Collect the Walker Brain: After successfully defeating the Walker, approach its carcass and interact with it to collect the Walker Brain. Note that the brain has a limited shelf life, so it’s important to use or sell it as soon as possible.

5. Upgrade your Equipment: Walker Brains can be used to craft advanced technologies and upgrade your equipment. Visit a Space Anomaly or a Planet Base to access the blueprint vendor and use the Walker Brains as a crafting ingredient.

Remember, Walkers are powerful adversaries, and it’s recommended to be prepared before engaging in a fight. Stock up on resources, upgrade your weapons and exosuit, and bring along a ship with strong firepower to make the battle easier.


Obtaining Walker Brains in No Man’s Sky is a challenging but rewarding task. By following the steps mentioned above and approaching the confrontation with a well-prepared and equipped character, you can successfully collect Walker Brains and use them for advanced crafting and upgrading your equipment.

Understanding the Spawn Mechanics

When it comes to obtaining Walker Brains in No Man’s Sky, it is important to understand the spawn mechanics of the game. The spawn mechanics determine where and how these creatures appear in the game world.

The first thing to note is that Walker Brains can only be found in specific locations called Sentinel Nests. These nests are typically found on planets with a high Sentinel presence. If you want to find Walker Brains, you will need to locate these nests.

Once you have located a Sentinel Nest, you will need to take out the Sentinels guarding it before you can harvest the Walker Brains. The number and difficulty of the guarding Sentinels can vary, so be prepared for a fight.

After defeating the Sentinels, you can then collect the Walker Brains. These unique resources can be used for various purposes, such as crafting and upgrading items. They are highly sought after by players looking to improve their equipment and abilities.

It is important to note that the spawn mechanics of Sentinel Nests and Walker Brains can vary from planet to planet. Some planets may have multiple nests, while others may not have any at all. Additionally, the frequency of nests appearing can also vary.

To increase your chances of finding Walker Brains, you can use various strategies. Exploring planets with a high Sentinel presence and a large number of Sentinel Nests can increase your chances of finding the desired resource. Additionally, using scanning technologies and upgrades can help you locate these nests more easily.

Overall, understanding the spawn mechanics of Walker Brains and Sentinel Nests is crucial for successfully obtaining these valuable resources in No Man’s Sky. By knowing where and how they appear, you can plan your gameplay and increase your chances of finding and collecting Walker Brains.


What are walker brains in No Man’s Sky?

Walker brains are items that can be obtained in No Man’s Sky by defeating Sentinel Walkers, large and powerful robotic enemies.

How do you defeat a Sentinel Walker?

To defeat a Sentinel Walker in No Man’s Sky, you will need to have a strong weapon and good combat skills. Aim for its weak points, dodge its attacks, and attack it with your weapon until it is destroyed.

Are walker brains important in the game?

Yes, walker brains are important in No Man’s Sky as they can be used to craft valuable and rare items, such as the Walker Brain Helmet, which provides various benefits and enhancements to the player.

Can walker brains be obtained in any planet or system?

Yes, walker brains can be obtained in any planet or system in No Man’s Sky. However, they are more commonly found in planets with high Sentinel activity or in systems with a high security level.

Is there a specific strategy to obtain walker brains more efficiently?

Yes, there are a few strategies that can help you obtain walker brains more efficiently in No Man’s Sky. These include visiting planets with high Sentinel activity, using an upgraded combat ship or Exocraft to defeat the Sentinel Walkers, and using weapons and upgrades specifically designed to deal more damage to the walkers.

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