How the Hisui Cup works in Pokemon Go: Rules, rewards, and strategies


How the Hisui Cup works in Pokemon Go

The Hisui Cup is an exciting tournament in Pokemon Go that brings a new twist to the competitive scene. Named after the Hisui region, the setting of the Pokemon Legends: Arceus game, this cup introduces unique rules and restrictions that challenge trainers to come up with fresh strategies and team compositions.

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Unlike regular Pokemon Go battles, the Hisui Cup has specific limitations on the types of Pokemon that can be used. Trainers are only allowed to use Pokemon from the Hisui region, which means that popular picks from other regions will not be available. This restriction adds an element of novelty and forces trainers to think outside the box to build a strong team that can thrive in this new environment.

In addition to the regional restriction, the Hisui Cup also features a limited pool of eligible Pokemon species. Not all Pokemon from the Hisui region are allowed in the cup, so trainers must carefully consider which ones to include in their team. This limitation encourages trainers to explore lesser-known Pokemon and discover their potential in battle.

Participating in the Hisui Cup offers trainers the chance to earn exciting rewards. In addition to the usual Stardust and Rare Candy rewards, trainers can also earn special edition Hisui-themed avatar items and unique badges to show off their achievements. These rewards provide an extra incentive for trainers to invest their time and effort into mastering the Hisui Cup metagame and climbing the ranks.

To succeed in the Hisui Cup, trainers need to develop effective strategies and adapt to the unique rules of the tournament. Team synergy and move sets are crucial in this restricted format, as trainers must make the most of the limited options available. Additionally, trainers should keep a close eye on the meta and be prepared to make adjustments to their team composition as the tournament progresses.

The Hisui Cup is a thrilling addition to the Pokemon Go PvP scene, offering trainers a fresh and challenging experience. With its unique rules, limited Pokemon pool, and exciting rewards, the Hisui Cup is sure to test the skills and creativity of trainers as they strive to emerge victorious in this new tournament.

How the Hisui Cup works in Pokemon Go

The Hisui Cup is a special PvP (Player vs Player) tournament held in Pokemon Go. It is part of the Season of Go, a series of events and challenges in the game. The Hisui Cup focuses on the usage of Pokemon from the Hisui region, which is the setting of the upcoming Pokemon Legends: Arceus game.

The Hisui Cup follows a set of rules that determine which Pokemon can participate and what strategies can be used.


  1. Pokemon from the Hisui region are allowed to participate. This includes both newly introduced Hisui forms of existing Pokemon and completely new Pokemon species. Only Pokemon caught or hatched after a certain date are eligible.
  2. Trainers can use up to six Pokemon in their team, with no duplicates allowed. This means that each Pokemon in the team must have a unique species.
  3. The battles in the Hisui Cup are single battles, meaning that trainers will face each other one-on-one.
  4. Mega Evolutions and Legendary Pokemon are not allowed in the Hisui Cup.
  5. The matches are conducted in the Great League, which has a maximum CP (Combat Power) limit of 1,500. Trainers need to make sure that their Pokemon’s CP is within this limit.
  6. Trainers can only bring one of each type of healing item, such as potions and revives, into the Hisui Cup battles.
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Participating in the Hisui Cup and winning battles can earn trainers various rewards. These include Stardust, which is a currency used in the game for powering up Pokemon and trading, as well as special Hisui Cup-themed avatar items.

Additionally, trainers have a chance to obtain a special Hisui Cup medal for their achievements in the tournament.


Creating a well-balanced team is crucial for success in the Hisui Cup. Trainers should consider the strengths and weaknesses of the Hisui region Pokemon, as well as their move sets, types, and abilities.

It’s important to have a mix of offensive and defensive Pokemon in the team, as well as Pokemon with different types to cover a wide range of opponent’s weaknesses.

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Trainers should also pay attention to the meta, which refers to the most popular and powerful Pokemon and strategies in the tournament. Knowing the meta can help trainers anticipate their opponent’s team and plan their own strategies accordingly.

Lastly, practice and experience play a big role in improving performance in the Hisui Cup. Trainers should participate in battles and learn from their victories and defeats to refine their strategies and become better competitors.


The Hisui Cup in Pokemon Go offers trainers an exciting opportunity to showcase their skills and creativity in team building and battling. Following the rules, aiming for rewards, and strategizing effectively can lead to success in the tournament. So, trainers, test your skills and have fun participating in the Hisui Cup!

Rules in the Hisui Cup

The Hisui Cup in Pokemon Go follows a set of rules that determine how trainers can participate in the tournament. Understanding these rules is essential for trainers aiming to compete and win in the Hisui Cup.

  • Pokemon Eligibility: Only Pokemon from the Hisui region are allowed to participate in the Hisui Cup. This means that trainers can only use Pokemon that were introduced in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.
  • Team Composition: Trainers must create a team of three Pokemon to use in battles during the Hisui Cup. Each Pokemon can have up to two charged moves, but duplicate Pokemon are not allowed on the same team.
  • Level and CP Limitations: All Pokemon used in the Hisui Cup battles will be set to level 50 and have a CP cap of 2,500. It is important for trainers to strategize and choose their Pokemon wisely within these limitations.
  • Battle Format: The Hisui Cup follows the Great League format, and battles will be conducted in a best-of-five format. Trainers must strategize their team and movesets to outsmart and defeat their opponents.
  • Tournament Rounds: The Hisui Cup consists of multiple rounds, with trainers progressing through the tournament by winning battles. The number of rounds and format may vary depending on the specific Hisui Cup event.
  • Rewards: Trainers who perform well in the Hisui Cup have the chance to win various rewards, including Stardust, Rare Candies, TMs, and exclusive items. The better a trainer performs, the greater the rewards they can obtain.

By understanding and following these rules, trainers can compete effectively in the Hisui Cup and aim to be victorious. It is essential to train and strategize with the available Hisui region Pokemon to increase the chances of success in the tournament.

Rewards for participating in the Hisui Cup

Participating in the Hisui Cup in Pokémon Go can earn players various rewards. These rewards can incentivize players to join the competition and showcase their battling skills. Here are some of the rewards that can be obtained by participating in the Hisui Cup:

  • Stardust: Taking part in battles throughout the Hisui Cup can reward players with stardust. Stardust is a valuable resource in Pokémon Go that can be used to power up Pokémon. It is essential for players who want to strengthen their teams and improve their chances in battles.
  • Rare Candy: Rare Candy is another reward that players can earn during the Hisui Cup. Rare Candy can be used to convert into any Pokémon’s candy, making it a versatile resource for trainers. It can be particularly valuable for trainers who are looking to evolve or power up their Pokémon.
  • Encounter Rewards: Participating in the Hisui Cup can also grant players encounters with special Pokémon. These encounters may include Pokémon that are typically rare or difficult to find in the game. By participating in the Hisui Cup, players have the opportunity to add rare Pokémon to their collection.
  • Rank-Up Rewards: As players progress through the ranks in the Hisui Cup, they will be rewarded with additional prizes. These rank-up rewards can include items such as TMs (Technical Machines) or exclusive cosmetic items. These rewards provide an incentive for players to continue battling and strive for higher ranks.

Overall, the Hisui Cup offers a range of rewards for players who participate in the competition. From valuable resources like stardust and Rare Candy to encounters with rare Pokémon, the rewards motivate trainers to showcase their battling skills and compete in the Hisui Cup.

Strategies for success in the Hisui Cup

In the Hisui Cup, trainers battle it out using Pokemon from the Hisui Region. To come out on top and claim victory, it’s important to have a solid strategy. Here are some tips to help you succeed in the Hisui Cup:

  • Know the Hisui Pokemon: Familiarize yourself with the Pokemon from the Hisui Region. Each Pokemon has its own strengths and weaknesses, so understanding their abilities and typings is crucial for building a successful team.
  • Build a balanced team: Try to create a team that covers a variety of types and moves. This will give you flexibility in battle and allow you to counter your opponent’s Pokemon effectively.
  • Pay attention to typings: Consider the typings of both your Pokemon and your opponent’s Pokemon. Aim to have a diverse set of typings on your team to exploit weaknesses and resistances.
  • Use the Hisui Forms: Hisui Forms have unique abilities and move sets compared to their regular forms. Take advantage of these differences and consider including Hisui Form Pokemon on your team.
  • Strategize your lead Pokemon: The first Pokemon you send out can set the tone for the battle. Choose a lead Pokemon that can counter popular choices and provide a strong start for your team.
  • Consider the Hisui Cup metagame: The Hisui Cup has its own metagame, with certain strategies and Pokemon being more prevalent. Stay informed about the metagame and adapt your team accordingly to stay ahead of your opponents.
  • Practice and refine your team: Take time to practice battles with your team to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Refine your team composition and move sets based on your experiences to improve your chances of success in the Hisui Cup.
  • Be adaptable: Don’t be afraid to adjust your strategy during battles. Pay attention to your opponent’s moves and adapt your plan accordingly. This flexibility can give you an advantage and catch your opponent off guard.

By following these strategies, you’ll increase your chances of achieving success in the Hisui Cup. Good luck and may the best trainer win!


What is the Hisui Cup in Pokemon Go?

The Hisui Cup is a special PvP tournament in Pokemon Go that is centered around the new Hisui region introduced in the Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl games. It features a unique set of rules and restrictions, different from regular PvP battles.

How do you participate in the Hisui Cup?

To participate in the Hisui Cup, you need to have a team of Pokemon that meet the specific requirements of the tournament. These requirements include specific species restrictions, level restrictions, and move restrictions. Once you have assembled a team that meets these requirements, you can enter the Hisui Cup and compete against other players.

What rewards can you earn in the Hisui Cup?

By participating in the Hisui Cup and winning battles, you can earn various rewards. These rewards include Stardust, Hisui-inspired cosmetic items for your in-game character, and special Pokemon encounters. The specific rewards you can earn may vary depending on your performance in the tournament.

What strategies can be effective in the Hisui Cup?

Since the Hisui Cup has its own unique set of rules and restrictions, it’s important to adapt your battle strategy accordingly. Some effective strategies in the Hisui Cup may include using Pokemon with types that are strong against the restricted species, utilizing moves that are not restricted to gain an advantage, and carefully selecting your team to cover a wide range of possible opponent types. Additionally, knowledge of the moveset and abilities of the restricted species can also be beneficial in determining the best strategy to use.

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