Guide to Complete The Final Strand Exotic Quest in Destiny 2 - Tips and Walkthrough


How to complete The Final Strand exotic quest in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 players looking for a new challenge and a powerful reward should look no further than The Final Strand Exotic Quest. This quest is a part of the latest expansion and offers players the opportunity to earn a unique Exotic weapon. However, completing this quest requires skill, strategy, and a bit of luck.

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The Final Strand Exotic Quest takes players on a thrilling journey through various locations in the Destiny 2 universe. Along the way, players will need to complete challenging missions, defeat powerful enemies, and solve intricate puzzles. The quest culminates in an epic boss battle that will truly test the player’s abilities.

To successfully complete The Final Strand Exotic Quest, players should prepare themselves by leveling up their character, acquiring powerful weapons and armor, and studying the mechanics of the various encounters. It’s also important to communicate and coordinate with teammates if playing in a fireteam, as teamwork is crucial for success.

Throughout the quest, players will also encounter various hidden secrets and optional objectives that can provide additional rewards. Exploring the environment and interacting with NPCs can uncover valuable information and resources that will aid in completing the quest.

Overall, The Final Strand Exotic Quest is a challenging yet rewarding experience for Destiny 2 players. By following this guide and using the tips and walkthrough provided, players can increase their chances of success and earn a powerful Exotic weapon that will surely impress their allies in the world of Destiny 2.

Complete The Final Strand Exotic Quest in Destiny 2

The Final Strand Exotic Quest is a challenging and rewarding questline in Destiny 2 that offers players the opportunity to obtain a powerful Exotic weapon. This guide will provide you with a step-by-step walkthrough of the quest, along with some helpful tips to ensure your success.

Step 1: Speak to Eris Morn

To start The Final Strand Exotic Quest, head over to the Moon and speak to Eris Morn. She will provide you with some background information and initiate the questline.

Step 2: Gather Umbral Weave

Your first objective is to gather Umbral Weave, a unique material that can only be obtained by defeating Hive enemies on the Moon. Engage in activities such as patrolling, public events, and Lost Sectors to find Hive enemies and defeat them to collect the Umbral Weave.

Step 3: Cleanse the Umbral Weave

Once you have collected enough Umbral Weave, return to Eris Morn to cleanse the material. This step involves a short dialogue sequence and does not require any combat.

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Step 4: Explore the Catacombs

Eris Morn will guide you to the Catacombs, an area located in the Hellmouth. Make your way there and explore the dark tunnels to progress the questline. Be prepared for combat encounters with powerful Hive enemies.

Step 5: Defeat the Ritual Hive Chieftain

As you explore the Catacombs, you will eventually come across the Ritual Hive Chieftain, a tough boss enemy. Defeat the Chieftain to progress to the next step of the quest.

Step 6: Confront Savathun’s High Priestess

After defeating the Ritual Hive Chieftain, continue progressing through the Catacombs until you reach Savathun’s High Priestess. Engage in a challenging boss fight with the High Priestess and defeat her to move on to the final step.

Step 7: Claim Your Exotic Reward

Once you have vanquished Savathun’s High Priestess, return to Eris Morn and claim your well-earned Exotic reward. This powerful weapon will be a valuable addition to your arsenal and can give you a significant advantage in combat.

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Remember to utilize your abilities, weapons, and teamwork to overcome the challenges that await you in The Final Strand Exotic Quest. Good luck, Guardian!

Tips for The Final Strand Exotic Quest

If you’re looking to complete The Final Strand Exotic Quest in Destiny 2, here are some tips to help you along the way:

  • Make sure you have a high Power Level before starting the quest. It’s recommended to be at least 1320 Power Level or higher to handle the challenges that await you.
  • Bring a fireteam with you. Some parts of the quest can be difficult to complete alone, so having a team of friends or clanmates can make it much easier.
  • Communicate and coordinate with your fireteam. Good communication is key to successfully completing the quest. Make sure everyone is on the same page and knows what to do.
  • Pay attention to the quest steps and objectives. The quest will guide you through various tasks and activities, so make sure you understand what needs to be done at each stage.
  • Take your time and be patient. The Final Strand Exotic Quest can be challenging and time-consuming, so don’t rush through it. Take breaks when needed and approach each step with a clear mind.
  • Utilize your subclass and weapons effectively. Different parts of the quest may require specific strategies or loadouts, so make sure you have a variety of options available to adapt to different situations.
  • Don’t be afraid to seek help or guides online. If you’re stuck on a particular step or need some advice, there are plenty of resources available online that can provide tips and strategies.
  • Take advantage of modifiers and buffs. Some activities may have specific modifiers or buffs that can give you an advantage. Be aware of these and use them to your benefit.
  • Stay positive and have fun. The Final Strand Exotic Quest is meant to be challenging, but it’s also an opportunity to enjoy the game and overcome obstacles with your fireteam. Remember to have fun along the way!

By following these tips, you’ll be well-prepared to take on The Final Strand Exotic Quest in Destiny 2. Good luck, Guardian!

Walkthrough for The Final Strand Exotic Quest

The Final Strand is an exotic quest in Destiny 2 that allows you to obtain a powerful weapon. The quest involves completing a series of tasks and defeating powerful enemies. Here is a step-by-step walkthrough for The Final Strand Exotic Quest:

  1. Start the quest by speaking to Commander Zavala in the Tower.
  2. Accept the quest and follow the objective marker to the Cosmodrome.
  3. Once in the Cosmodrome, you’ll need to find and defeat Fallen Captains in the designated areas. Use your Ghost to locate them.
  4. After defeating the Fallen Captains, collect their Fallen Shards.
  5. Return to the Tower and speak to Zavala again. He will give you the next step of the quest.
  6. The next step requires you to complete a series of Lost Sectors on different planets. Use your map to locate them and clear each one.
  7. After completing the Lost Sectors, return to Zavala and he will give you the next step.
  8. For the next step, you need to participate in Strikes and defeat a specific number of enemies. Focus on completing Strikes quickly to progress through this step.
  9. Once you have defeated enough enemies, return to Zavala for the final step.
  10. The final step of the quest requires you to complete a challenging strike. This strike will have modifiers and powerful enemies. Work with your fireteam to defeat the boss and complete the strike.
  11. Upon completing the strike, collect your reward from Zavala. You will be awarded The Final Strand exotic weapon.

Follow this walkthrough to complete The Final Strand Exotic Quest and obtain the powerful weapon. Good luck, Guardian!


What is The Final Strand Exotic Quest in Destiny 2?

The Final Strand Exotic Quest is a special quest in Destiny 2 that allows players to obtain a powerful exotic weapon.

How do I start The Final Strand Exotic Quest?

To start The Final Strand Exotic Quest, players must first complete certain objectives or reach a certain point in the game. It is recommended to check with the in-game vendor or online guides for specific requirements.

What rewards can I expect from The Final Strand Exotic Quest?

Completing The Final Strand Exotic Quest will reward players with a powerful exotic weapon, which can vary depending on the quest. Additionally, players may also receive other in-game rewards such as armor, currency, or experience points.

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