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How to save every NPC in Demon’s Souls

The world of Demon’s Souls is filled with danger and despair, with numerous NPCs scattered throughout the game who are in need of assistance. These NPCs offer valuable quests, items, and information, making it crucial to save them whenever possible. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to ensure the safety of every NPC you encounter in Demon’s Souls.

1. Explore Diligently: The first step in saving NPCs in Demon’s Souls is to thoroughly explore each area. Many NPCs are hidden away or can only be found by following certain paths or completing specific tasks. Keep a keen eye out for any signs of life or unusual structures that might indicate the presence of an NPC in need of rescue.

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2. Interact and Engage: Once you have located an NPC, it is important to initiate contact and engage with them. Talk to them to learn their story and inquire about any quests or items they may offer. Be careful with your dialogue choices, as some NPCs can be easily offended or might turn hostile if you make the wrong decisions.

3. Fulfill Quests and Requirements: Many NPCs in Demon’s Souls have specific quests or requirements that must be fulfilled in order to save them. Pay close attention to their requests and follow through with any tasks they assign you. Some NPCs may ask for rare items, while others might require you to defeat powerful enemies. Completing these quests will not only save the NPCs but may also reward you with unique items or enhancements.

4. Defend and Protect: Throughout your journey, you will encounter hostile creatures that pose a threat to both you and the NPCs. It is crucial to defend and protect the NPCs from any harm. Engage in combat to eliminate any enemies that might be attacking them and ensure their safety. Be prepared for challenging battles and utilize your skills and equipment effectively to guarantee the survival of the NPCs.

Remember, the fate of these NPCs lies in your hands. Your actions and choices will determine their survival. Keep a vigilant eye, complete quests, and be ready to fight for their lives. Saving every NPC in Demon’s Souls not only adds depth to the story but also provides valuable rewards and experiences. Will you become the hero who saves them all?

How to Protect Every NPC in Demon’s Souls

Protecting the NPCs in Demon’s Souls is crucial for unlocking various quests and obtaining valuable rewards. Here are some tips to ensure the safety of every NPC in the game:

  1. Be cautious during battles: When engaging in combat near NPCs, make sure you are mindful of their positioning to avoid accidentally hitting them. This is especially important in crowded areas such as boss fights or narrow corridors.
  2. Don’t invade their personal space: NPCs usually have designated areas where they reside. Avoid getting too close to them or blocking their path, as this can cause them to become agitated and potentially attack you.
  3. Watch out for enemies: NPCs often face threats from enemies in the game. Keep an eye out for any potential danger near them and eliminate the threats before they can harm the NPCs.
  4. Complete their quests promptly: Some NPCs have specific quests that require your assistance. Try to complete their quests as soon as possible, as leaving them unattended for too long can put them in danger or lead to unfavorable outcomes.
  5. Take caution during world tendency shifts: World tendency shifts can affect the behavior and safety of NPCs. Be mindful of these shifts and how they may impact the NPCs in order to protect them accordingly.
  6. Utilize protective spells and equipment: Certain spells and equipment can provide an additional layer of protection for NPCs. Use spells like Warding or equip items that boost defense to enhance their survivability.
  7. Interact with NPCs for vital information: NPCs often provide helpful information, tips, and guidance. Engage in conversations with them to gather crucial information that can assist you throughout your journey.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure the safety of every NPC in Demon’s Souls and reap the benefits of their quests and rewards.

A Comprehensive Guide on NPC Survival Tips

One of the challenges in Demon’s Souls is ensuring the survival of various non-playable characters (NPCs) you encounter throughout the game. These NPCs can provide valuable assistance, quests, and items, making their survival crucial for a successful playthrough. This guide will provide you with some essential tips to safeguard the NPCs in Demon’s Souls.

1. Rescue NPCs from Dangerous Areas

Some NPCs may be trapped in perilous locations, surrounded by enemies or obstacles. It is crucial to rescue them by eliminating threats or finding the necessary keys to unlock their cells. Be cautious and survey the area before attempting a rescue mission.

2. Help NPCs in Combat

When NPCs engage in combat, lend them a helping hand. Support them by distracting enemies, drawing aggro, or providing ranged attacks, allowing the NPCs to focus on dealing damage. However, be mindful of your surroundings and avoid accidentally hitting friendly NPCs.

3. Complete NPCs’ Questlines

Several NPCs in Demon’s Souls have their own questlines, often involving specific tasks or interactions. To ensure their survival, it is necessary to fulfill these questline requirements. Pay attention to their dialogue, follow their instructions, and maintain a good relationship with them to progress their stories successfully.

4. Provide Specific Items or Information

Some NPCs may require specific items or information to remain alive or advance in their quests. Pay attention to their requests and provide them with the necessary items or knowledge when you come across them. This may involve exploring different areas or defeating specific enemies to obtain the required items.

5. Defend NPCs from Invaders

During online play, other players or invaders may attempt to harm or kill NPCs. Defend the NPCs from these potential threats by engaging in PvP combat and defeating the invaders. Use your skills and strategies to protect the NPCs and ensure their survival.

6. Avoid Hitting NPCs

Accidental attacks or collateral damage can occur while engaging in combat. Be extra careful to avoid hitting friendly NPCs as this can trigger hostile reactions from them or even cause their death. Practice precision and control during battles to minimize the risk of harming NPCs.

7. Seek Guidance from Online Communities

If you are uncertain about how to save a specific NPC or progress their questline, seek guidance from online communities, forums, or guides. Experienced players can provide valuable insights, strategies, and step-by-step instructions to ensure the survival of the NPCs you encounter in Demon’s Souls.

By following these tips, you can increase the chances of saving every NPC you encounter in Demon’s Souls. Remember, their survival often leads to essential rewards, information, and a more immersive gameplay experience.

Understanding NPC Aggression

In Demon’s Souls, NPCs can become aggressive towards the player if certain conditions are met. Understanding NPC aggression is crucial in order to avoid unnecessary fights and save every NPC in the game.

1. Hostility Triggers:

There are several triggers that can make an NPC hostile towards the player:

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  1. Attacking the NPC: If the player attacks an NPC, they will retaliate and engage in combat.
  2. Killing an NPC: Killing an NPC will obviously make them hostile. Once an NPC turns hostile, they will remain that way for the rest of the playthrough.
  3. Stealing from an NPC: Stealing items or attacking NPCs in their vicinity can also make them hostile.

2. Dealing with Aggressive NPCs:

If an NPC has become hostile, the player can try to calm them down by:

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  1. Leaving the area: Sometimes, simply leaving the area and coming back later can reset an NPC’s aggression.
  2. Seeking Forgiveness: Some NPCs will give the player a chance to seek forgiveness for their hostile actions. This usually involves completing a quest or performing a specific task.
  3. Killing the NPC: In some cases, the only way to deal with a hostile NPC is by defeating them in combat. However, this should be a last resort, as it can have consequences in the game world.

3. Preventing NPC Aggression:

To prevent NPCs from becoming hostile in the first place, players can:

  1. Avoid attacking them: It is important to avoid attacking or stealing from NPCs unless absolutely necessary.
  2. Complete their quests: NPCs often become aggressive if their quests are not completed or if the player takes actions that go against their interests. Completing their quests will usually keep them friendly.
  3. Rescue trapped NPCs: Some NPCs are imprisoned or trapped in dangerous areas. Rescuing them and bringing them back to safety can prevent them from becoming hostile.

4. Consequences of NPC Aggression:

If an NPC becomes hostile and is killed, it can have consequences in the game world. Other NPCs might react to the death of their ally, and certain quests or storylines might be affected. It is important to be cautious and try to avoid unnecessary fights.


Understanding NPC aggression is essential in order to save every NPC in Demon’s Souls. By avoiding hostile actions, completing quests, and rescuing trapped NPCs, players can ensure a more peaceful and rewarding playthrough.

Table of Contents
1. Hostility Triggers
2. Dealing with Aggressive NPCs
3. Preventing NPC Aggression
4. Consequences of NPC Aggression

Building Trust with NPCs

Building trust with NPCs in Demon’s Souls is crucial for unlocking hidden storylines, gaining access to unique items, and receiving helpful assistance throughout the game. Here are some tips on how to build trust with NPCs:

  • Complete Quests: Many NPCs have their own quests and storylines that can be progressed by completing specific tasks or objectives. Pay attention to their dialogue and instructions to ensure you fulfill their requests.
  • Help NPCs in Danger: NPCs can sometimes find themselves in dangerous situations due to enemy attacks or other circumstances. If you come across an NPC in trouble, step in and assist them. This act of heroism will greatly improve your relationship with them.
  • Offer Items or Souls: Some NPCs may require specific items or souls to fulfill their own goals or needs. If you happen to possess these items, consider offering them to the NPCs in exchange for their trust and gratitude.
  • Revisit NPCs: NPCs often have new dialogue and interactions after specific events or story progressions. Make sure to revisit them regularly to keep up with their evolving stories and to deepen your bond with them.
  • Make Ethical Choices: Demon’s Souls presents players with moral choices throughout the game. Consider making ethical decisions that align with the values of certain NPCs. This will earn their respect and strengthen your relationship.
  • Avoid Attacking NPCs: Accidentally attacking or killing an NPC can have severe consequences, such as permanently losing access to their services or storylines. Always be cautious and refrain from attacking NPCs, as it can severely hinder progress in the game.

By following these tips and building trust with NPCs, you will be able to unlock new storylines, receive valuable rewards, and forge lasting relationships that can greatly enhance your gameplay experience in Demon’s Souls.

Managing NPC Questlines

In Demon’s Souls, the world is filled with NPCs who have their own unique questlines. Managing these questlines can be tricky, but it is essential if you want to save every NPC and reap the rewards of their actions. Here are some tips for managing NPC questlines in Demon’s Souls:

  1. Pay Attention to Dialogue: NPCs in Demon’s Souls often give hints and clues about their quests through their dialogue. Pay close attention to what they say and make note of any important information.
  2. Follow NPC Movements: NPCs in Demon’s Souls move around the world and their locations can change depending on the progress of their quests. Make sure to keep track of their movements and interact with them whenever you see them in different areas.
  3. Complete Quest Objectives: Each NPC questline has a series of objectives that must be completed in order to progress their story. These objectives can range from defeating certain bosses to finding specific items. Make sure to complete these objectives in a timely manner to keep the questline moving forward.
  4. Avoid Killing NPCs: Some NPCs in Demon’s Souls can become hostile if you attack or kill certain characters. To avoid jeopardizing questlines, it is best to avoid killing any NPCs unless absolutely necessary.
  5. Seek Guidance from Guides: Demon’s Souls has been around for quite some time, and many dedicated players have created detailed guides on how to manage NPC questlines. If you’re having trouble, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from these resources to ensure you don’t miss any important steps.

By following these tips, you’ll increase your chances of successfully managing NPC questlines in Demon’s Souls and saving every character in the game.

Preventing NPC Deaths

In Demon’s Souls, NPCs play a crucial role in the game. They provide valuable information, offer quests, and sell essential items. However, they can also die permanently if certain conditions are not met. Here are some tips on how to prevent NPC deaths:

  • Be cautious during combat: When engaging in battles near NPCs, be careful not to accidentally hit them. NPCs have limited health and can be killed if caught in the crossfire. Always keep an eye on their positioning and try to lure enemies away from them.
  • Complete certain quests: Some NPCs have specific quests that need to be completed in order to save them from death. Pay close attention to their dialogue and follow their instructions to ensure their survival.
  • Defend NPCs during invasions: Occasionally, hostile players may invade your game and target NPCs. It is your responsibility to defend them from these invasions. The NPC will usually run for cover, so be ready to engage the invader and protect the NPC.
  • Utilize the Online features: In the remake of Demon’s Souls, there are new features that allow players to interact with each other, such as leaving messages and summoning help. By cooperating with other players, you can increase the chances of saving NPCs by assisting each other in difficult situations.
  • Use the Ring of Life Protection: The Ring of Life Protection is an item that can be found in the game. When equipped, it prevents the player from losing their souls and body form upon death. If an NPC dies, you can quickly exit the game and reload your save to prevent the death from being permanent, provided you have the ring equipped.

By following these tips, you can increase the chances of saving NPCs and preserving their valuable contributions to your journey in Demon’s Souls.


What is Demon’s Souls?

Demon’s Souls is an action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware.

How can I save NPCs in Demon’s Souls?

Saving NPCs in Demon’s Souls involves completing certain tasks, avoiding specific actions, and making careful choices. Each NPC has their own requirements for being saved, so it’s important to pay attention to their dialogue and follow their instructions.

Who are some important NPCs in Demon’s Souls?

Some important NPCs in Demon’s Souls include Ostrava, Yuria the Witch, and Saint Urbain. These NPCs provide quests, sell items, and offer valuable information throughout the game.

What happens if an NPC dies in Demon’s Souls?

If an NPC dies in Demon’s Souls, their services, quests, and items may become unavailable. It’s important to try to save NPCs in order to access their benefits and progress in the game.

Are there any consequences for not saving NPCs in Demon’s Souls?

Yes, there can be consequences for not saving NPCs in Demon’s Souls. Some NPCs provide valuable resources, information, or assistance throughout the game, so failing to save them can make the game more difficult or limit the player’s options.

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