Guide: How to Reach Siren’s Call in Risk of Rain 2 - Step-by-Step


How to get to Siren’s Call in Risk of Rain 2

If you’re a fan of the hit co-op roguelike game Risk of Rain 2, you may have heard of the elusive level called Siren’s Call. This mysterious stage is hidden away and can only be accessed through a specific set of steps. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of reaching Siren’s Call, step-by-step.

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Firstly, it’s important to note that Siren’s Call is a hidden level and cannot be accessed through regular gameplay. To unlock it, you’ll need to find a special artifact known as the Wetland Aspect. This artifact can be found randomly in the game, but it’s extremely rare. Keep an eye out for chests and other loot drops as you progress through the levels.

Once you’ve managed to find the Wetland Aspect, the next step is to use it on the Celestial Portal. The Celestial Portal is a large purple portal that can be found on certain levels. It’s usually tucked away in a corner or hidden behind obstacles, so keep a lookout for it. Interact with the portal and use the Wetland Aspect on it to activate the portal to Siren’s Call.

Once the portal is activated, it will transport you and your team to the mysterious level known as Siren’s Call. This level is unique with its water theme and challenging enemies. Be prepared for a tough battle as you navigate the treacherous waves and face off against powerful bosses.

Tip: Make sure to stock up on items and power-ups before entering Siren’s Call. The enemies here are stronger than usual, so having a well-equipped character is essential for success.

Remember, Siren’s Call is a hidden level and is not part of the main story progression in Risk of Rain 2. It offers a new and exciting challenge for players who want to test their skills and explore the game further. Use this guide as your roadmap to reaching Siren’s Call and enjoy the unique experience it has to offer.

Guide: How to Reach Siren’s Call in Risk of Rain 2 - Step-by-Step

In the game Risk of Rain 2, Siren’s Call is a hidden stage that can be accessed by completing a series of specific steps. Follow this step-by-step guide to reach Siren’s Call:

Step 1: Activate the First Teleporter

Start a run and progress through the levels as usual until you find the first teleporter. Activate the first teleporter by interacting with it.

Step 2: Find and Activate the Second Teleporter

After activating the first teleporter, continue exploring the stage until you come across a blue portal. This portal will take you to a special hidden area. Inside this hidden area, you will find the second teleporter, which you need to activate in order to progress.

Step 3: Escape the Hidden Area

Once you activate the second teleporter, enemies will start spawning. Defeat them to charge the teleporter and initiate the teleportation sequence. Survive until the teleporter is fully charged and use it to escape the hidden area.

Step 4: Complete the Succeeding Stages

After escaping the hidden area, you will be transported to subsequent stages. Continue playing and completing stages until you reach the Abyssal Depths stage.

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Step 5: Activate the Siren’s Call Portal

Inside the Abyssal Depths stage, keep an eye out for a blue portal similar to the one you encountered in Step 2. This blue portal will lead you to Siren’s Call. Find and activate the portal to access the hidden stage.

Congratulations! You have successfully reached Siren’s Call in Risk of Rain 2. Explore the new stage, face challenging enemies, and discover unique items and secrets.

Remember, each run in Risk of Rain 2 is procedurally generated, so the exact locations and steps may vary. However, following these general steps should help you find and reach Siren’s Call in-game.

Step 1: Unlock the Siren’s Call Level

In order to access the Siren’s Call level in Risk of Rain 2, you will need to unlock it first. The Siren’s Call level is not available from the start and requires some progress in the game.

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To unlock the Siren’s Call level, you need to complete the third stage of the game called “Wetland Aspect”. This means that you must defeat the boss in the Wetland Grove level before you can access the Siren’s Call.

Once you have defeated the boss and completed the Wetland Aspect stage, the Siren’s Call level will become available for you to explore.

Step 2: Find and Activate the Celestial Portal

After defeating the Alloy Worship Unit, you’ll need to find and activate the Celestial Portal to access the Siren’s Call. Here’s how:

  1. Once the Alloy Worship Unit is defeated, continue exploring the level until you come across a blue portal. This portal is called the Celestial Portal.
  2. Approach the Celestial Portal and interact with it to activate it.
  3. Upon activation, the Celestial Portal will start a countdown timer.
  4. During this countdown, you’ll need to survive and defeat enemies to charge up the Celestial Portal.
  5. Once the Celestial Portal is fully charged, it will open a new portal to the Siren’s Call.

Remember, the enemies will become stronger and more challenging as time passes, so make sure to stay on your toes and keep fighting to charge up the Celestial Portal as quickly as possible!

Step 3: Traverse the Abyss and Overcome the Challenges

Once you have activated both Blue Portals and obtained the keys, it’s time to traverse the Abyss and overcome the challenges that await in Siren’s Call. Follow these steps to successfully reach Siren’s Call:

  1. From the portal in Titanic Plains, head towards Distant Roost. You will need to find a portal to the Abyss, which can appear in the Distant Roost or Wetland Aspect.
  2. Once you locate the portal to the Abyss, interact with it to enter the Abyss biome. Be aware that the Abyss is a challenging area with dangerous enemies, so make sure you are well-equipped and prepared for combat.
  3. As you explore the Abyss, you’ll come across various platforms and bridges that you’ll need to navigate. Some areas may require precise jumps or the use of movement abilities to reach. Take your time and be cautious to avoid falling into the bottomless abyss.
  4. Keep an eye out for the Celestial Portal, which will spawn somewhere in the Abyss. This portal is your gateway to Siren’s Call.
  5. Once you find the Celestial Portal, approach it and interact with it to activate the portal. You will need to have both Blue Portals activated and the key in your possession to activate the Celestial Portal.
  6. After activating the Celestial Portal, you will be transported to Siren’s Call. Congratulations! You have successfully traversed the Abyss and reached Siren’s Call.

In Siren’s Call, you’ll encounter new challenges and enemies, as well as the Siren boss. Stay alert, use your skills wisely, and work together with your teammates to overcome these obstacles and complete your mission.


What is Siren’s Call in Risk of Rain 2?

Siren’s Call is a level or stage in the game Risk of Rain 2. It is a wetland area with a unique landscape and enemies.

How do I unlock Siren’s Call in Risk of Rain 2?

To unlock Siren’s Call, you need to play the game and progress through the different levels. It is not unlocked from the start of the game.

What enemies can I expect to encounter in Siren’s Call?

In Siren’s Call, you can encounter various enemies such as jellyfish, hermit crabs, wisps, and greater wisps. They all have different abilities and attack patterns, so be prepared for a challenging fight.

Are there any secrets or hidden items in Siren’s Call?

Yes, there are secrets and hidden items in Siren’s Call. You can find hidden chests, lunar pods, and interactable objects that can give you additional items, equipment, or even access to secret areas. Exploring the level thoroughly is key to finding these hidden treasures.

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