Genshin Impact Lasting Promise Guide: Tips for Completing the Quest


Genshin Impact Lasting Promise Guide

The release of the highly anticipated 1.5 update for Genshin Impact brought with it a new quest called Lasting Promise. This quest takes players on a journey to uncover the secrets of the mysterious island of Pudding Isle and involves solving puzzles, battling powerful enemies, and uncovering hidden treasures. In this guide, we will provide you with some helpful tips and strategies to complete the Lasting Promise quest and make the most of your adventure in Genshin Impact.

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Before venturing to Pudding Isle, it is important to come prepared. Make sure you have a well-balanced team with characters of different elements to effectively deal with the various enemies and puzzles you will encounter. Additionally, consider equipping your characters with artifacts and weapons that complement their abilities and strengthen their attacks. This will give you a significant advantage in battles and make your journey smoother.

As you explore Pudding Isle, keep an eye out for various symbols and markings scattered throughout the island. These symbols provide important clues to solving puzzles and progressing through the quest. Take your time to carefully examine your surroundings and interact with objects to gather clues and uncover hidden paths. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try different combinations to solve puzzles, as sometimes the solution may not be immediately obvious.

Throughout the Lasting Promise quest, you will encounter a variety of enemies, including powerful bosses that require careful strategy to defeat. Take advantage of elemental reactions and combos to deal massive damage to enemies and quickly eliminate them. Coordinate your team’s abilities to maximize their effectiveness and make battles easier. Use characters with healing abilities to ensure the survival of your team and keep them in optimal condition for the challenges ahead.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Pudding Isle. Take your time to explore the island, admire the stunning landscapes, and interact with the friendly NPCs you may encounter. Genshin Impact is not just about completing quests and battling enemies; it is also about immersing yourself in a vibrant world full of wonders and hidden secrets. Soak in the atmosphere, take screenshots, and make lasting memories as you embark on this exciting adventure in Genshin Impact’s Lasting Promise quest.

Genshin Impact Lasting Promise Guide

The Lasting Promise is a quest in Genshin Impact that is part of the game’s main storyline. In this quest, players must complete a series of tasks and challenges in order to progress and uncover the truth behind the mysterious events happening in the world of Teyvat.

1. Starting the Quest

To start the Lasting Promise quest, players must first complete the prerequisite quest called “A Study in Stone.” Once this quest is completed, players will receive a notification to meet a character named Yunjin at her teahouse in Liyue Harbor.

2. Talking to Yunjin

Once players meet Yunjin at her teahouse, they will engage in a conversation with her. During this conversation, players will learn about the Unusual Hilichurl sightings and the need for assistance in investigating the matter.

3. Investigating the Unusual Hilichurls

After speaking with Yunjin, players will receive directions to various locations in Liyue where they can find and investigate the Unusual Hilichurls. These locations include Dihua Marsh, Lingju Pass, and Yaoguang Shoal.

4. Defeating the Unusual Hilichurls

Once players arrive at the designated locations, they will encounter the Unusual Hilichurls. These special Hilichurls have unique abilities and may pose a greater challenge compared to regular enemies. It is important for players to come prepared with suitable characters, weapons, and artifacts.

5. Finding Clues

After defeating the Unusual Hilichurls, players will need to search the area for clues. These clues could be in the form of footprints, scraps of paper, or other items that can help in piecing together the truth behind the Unusual Hilichurls.

6. Returning to Yunjin

Once players have gathered enough clues, they will need to return to Yunjin at her teahouse in Liyue Harbor. Here, they will share their findings and have a discussion with Yunjin about the Unusual Hilichurls and their significance to the ongoing events in Teyvat.

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7. Rewards

Upon completing the Lasting Promise quest, players will receive various rewards, including Adventure Rank experience, Primogems, Mora, and other valuable items. These rewards can be helpful in further progressing the player’s characters and enhancing their abilities.


The Lasting Promise quest in Genshin Impact offers players an exciting and challenging adventure that uncovers more about the world of Teyvat. By following this guide and completing the required tasks, players can successfully navigate through the quest and enjoy the rewards that come with it.

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Tips for Completing the Quest

Completing the Lasting Promise quest in Genshin Impact can be challenging, but with these tips, you’ll be able to navigate through it successfully:

  1. Level up your characters: Before starting the quest, make sure your characters are at a high enough level to handle the challenges you’ll face. This will make it easier to defeat enemies and complete objectives.
  2. Bring the right elements: Pay attention to the elemental requirements of the quest and bring characters with the corresponding elements. This will allow you to activate switches, solve puzzles, and defeat enemies more effectively.
  3. Explore thoroughly: The quest may require you to explore different areas and find hidden objects. Take your time to thoroughly search the surroundings and interact with any interactable objects or NPCs you come across.
  4. Utilize your map: Use the in-game map to mark important locations and keep track of objectives. This will help you navigate through the quest more efficiently and prevent you from getting lost.
  5. Upgrade your weapons and artifacts: Make sure to upgrade your weapons and artifacts to improve your characters’ stats. This will increase your damage output and survivability during battles.
  6. Complete side quests and activities: Sometimes, completing side quests or activities can provide you with valuable rewards, such as better equipment or additional resources. Take the time to complete them to enhance your overall capabilities.
  7. Join multiplayer: If you’re finding the quest too difficult, consider joining a multiplayer session and team up with other players. This can make completing the quest easier and more enjoyable.
  8. Don’t forget to heal: During intense battles, it’s crucial to keep your characters healed to prevent them from getting knocked out. Make sure to use healing abilities and items when necessary.

By following these tips, you’ll have a better chance of completing the Lasting Promise quest successfully in Genshin Impact. Good luck!

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  • Quest Walkthroughs: Get step-by-step guidance on completing challenging quests and uncovering their secrets. Whether it’s a main story quest or a hidden side quest, these walkthroughs will help you navigate through the quest objectives and overcome any obstacles.
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With these guides at your disposal, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle the challenges of Genshin Impact and make the most out of your adventures in the world of Teyvat.

[Genshin Impact^Guides]

In the game Genshin Impact, the Lasting Promise quest is one of the many quests that players can undertake. This quest takes place in the Inazuma region and involves helping a character named Beelzebul who has lost their memory. In order to complete the quest, players will need to find various items and clues scattered throughout the region.

To start the quest, players will need to speak with Beelzebul in the Serpent’s Head area of Inazuma. Beelzebul will tell players that they have lost their memory and will ask for their help in finding their lost belongings. Players will need to search for various items including a pendant, a book, and a poem.

The pendant can be found by defeating a group of enemies in the area. Once the enemies have been defeated, players can interact with the glowing objective on the ground to pick up the pendant. The book can be found in a nearby campsite. Players will need to search a chest to find the book. The poem can be found by solving a puzzle in a nearby area. Players will need to activate three statues in the correct order to unlock a gate and find the poem.

Once all of the items have been found, players will need to return to Beelzebul and give them back their belongings. This will complete the quest and players will be rewarded with experience points and various items.

It is worth noting that the Lasting Promise quest is just one of many quests available in Genshin Impact. Players can undertake these quests to earn experience points, level up their characters, and unlock new content. Completing quests can also reward players with valuable items and resources that can be used to improve their characters and weapons.

In conclusion, the Lasting Promise quest in Genshin Impact is a challenging and rewarding quest that adds depth and excitement to the game. By following the tips and strategies outlined in this guide, players can successfully complete the quest and earn valuable rewards.


What is the Genshin Impact Lasting Promise Guide?

The Genshin Impact Lasting Promise Guide is a walkthrough and set of tips for completing the Lasting Promise quest in the game Genshin Impact. It provides step-by-step instructions and strategies to help players successfully complete the quest.

What is the Lasting Promise quest in Genshin Impact?

The Lasting Promise quest is a quest in the game Genshin Impact where players must help a character named Viktor complete a promise he made to his late sister. Players must travel to various locations and complete tasks in order to fulfill Viktor’s promise.

How do I start the Lasting Promise quest in Genshin Impact?

To start the Lasting Promise quest in Genshin Impact, players must first complete the Archon Quest “Chapter I: Act II - Farewell, the Archaic Lord.” Once this quest is completed, players can meet Viktor outside Mondstadt to begin the Lasting Promise quest.

Are there any rewards for completing the Lasting Promise quest in Genshin Impact?

Yes, there are rewards for completing the Lasting Promise quest in Genshin Impact. Players will receive Adventure EXP, Primogems, Mora, and other valuable items upon successful completion of the quest. These rewards can be used to level up characters and acquire new items and equipment.

How long does it take to complete the Lasting Promise quest in Genshin Impact?

The time it takes to complete the Lasting Promise quest in Genshin Impact can vary depending on the player’s skill level and familiarity with the game. On average, it may take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to complete the quest.

Can I complete the Lasting Promise quest with a low-level character in Genshin Impact?

While it is possible to complete the Lasting Promise quest with a low-level character in Genshin Impact, it may be more challenging. It is recommended to have a character at a higher level to make combat encounters easier. Additionally, having a higher level character will allow for better exploration and puzzle-solving abilities, which may be necessary to progress in the quest.

What happens if I fail to complete the Lasting Promise quest in Genshin Impact?

If you fail to complete the Lasting Promise quest in Genshin Impact, you can retry the quest by starting from the beginning. However, it is important to note that some quests in the game have time limits or are part of limited-time events, so it is best to complete the quest within the designated time frame if possible.

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