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A comprehensive guide to understanding and mastering Piglin Brutes in Minecraft: All the essential information you need.

In the vast world of Minecraft, players encounter various types of creatures and mobs. One of the most interesting additions to the game is the Piglin Brute. These aggressive mobs can be quite challenging to deal with, but they also offer unique rewards and gameplay mechanics. If you want to survive and thrive in the Nether, it’s essential to understand everything about these formidable adversaries.

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The Piglin Brute is a variant of the Piglin mob, introduced in the Minecraft 1.16 Nether Update. Unlike regular Piglins, which are neutral unless provoked, Piglin Brutes are hostile towards players and most other mobs. They resemble heavily armored Piglins and are equipped with a golden axe, which they use to attack their enemies. With their intimidating presence and fierce combat skills, Piglin Brutes are a force to be reckoned with.

When encountering a Piglin Brute, it’s crucial to approach with caution. These mobs have a wide detection range and will immediately charge at you if they spot you within 16 blocks. Unlike Piglins, Piglin Brutes do not become neutral when wearing a piece of golden armor. This means that they will relentlessly pursue you until either you or they are defeated. Be prepared for a tough battle if you choose to engage with them.

Defeating a Piglin Brute can be challenging, but it’s worth the effort. Upon death, they drop valuable items, including gold nuggets, gold ingots, and even enchanted golden swords. These rewards can be used to craft powerful weapons, tools, and armor, or traded with Piglins for other valuable resources. So, if you are looking to obtain gold in the Nether, hunting down Piglin Brutes can be a profitable endeavor.

In conclusion, Piglin Brutes are formidable enemies in Minecraft’s Nether. They are hostile mobs that attack on sight and can be quite challenging to defeat. However, their defeat rewards players with valuable loot, making them a worthwhile encounter. Whether you choose to fight them for their drops or avoid them altogether, understanding the mechanics and behavior of Piglin Brutes is essential for surviving and thriving in the Nether.

Overview of Piglin Brutes in Minecraft

Piglin Brutes are hostile mobs that were introduced in the Nether Update of Minecraft. They are more dangerous versions of regular Piglins and can be found in Bastion Remnants.

Here are some key details about Piglin Brutes:

  • Appearance: Piglin Brutes are larger and more muscular than regular Piglins. They have gray skin, golden axes, and wear golden armor.
  • Behavior: Piglin Brutes are hostile towards players and other mobs, except for other Piglins. They will attack on sight and do not engage in bartering like regular Piglins.
  • Attack: Piglin Brutes use their golden axes to deal significant damage to players. They have a high amount of health, making them challenging opponents.
  • Drop: Killing a Piglin Brute can drop valuable items such as gold ingots, golden armor pieces, and occasionally enchanted golden swords.
  • Spawning: Piglin Brutes naturally spawn in Bastion Remnants in the Nether. They can also be spawned using spawn eggs or commands.

Note: Piglin Brutes are immune to all forms of regular Piglin behavior, such as being distracted by gold items or wearing gold armor. They also cannot be pacified with gold ingots like regular Piglins.


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When dealing with Piglin Brutes, it is important to be well-equipped and prepared for a tough fight. Here are some strategies to consider:

  1. Armor: Wear good-quality armor to protect yourself from their strong attacks.
  2. Weapon: Use a powerful weapon, preferably enchanted, to deal damage quickly.
  3. Tactics: Engage Piglin Brutes in a strategic manner, using hit-and-run tactics or keeping a safe distance to avoid taking too much damage.
  4. Environment: Utilize the environment to your advantage. Use obstacles or narrow corridors to limit their movement and make it easier to defeat them.


Piglin Brutes are formidable enemies in Minecraft, providing an extra challenge in the Nether. Understanding their behavior and using the right strategies will help you defeat them and obtain their valuable drops. Approach them with caution and be prepared for a tough fight!

Piglin Brute Behavior and Abilities

The Piglin Brute is a hostile mob in Minecraft that was introduced in the Nether Update. They are a variant of Piglins and are distinguished by their stone weapons and lack of trades. Here’s everything you need to know about the Piglin Brute’s behavior and abilities:

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  1. Aggression: Unlike regular Piglins, Piglin Brutes are always hostile towards players. They will attack on sight, without any provocation.
  2. Damage and Health: Piglin Brutes have 25 health points (12.5 hearts) and deal 7.5 damage (3.75 hearts) with their axe-like weapon. Their high health and damage make them formidable opponents.
  3. Armor: Piglin Brutes wear golden armor, consisting of a helmet and chestplate. This armor provides them with additional protection against damage.
  4. No Trading: Unlike regular Piglins, Piglin Brutes cannot be distracted or appeased with gold. They have no interest in trading and do not interact with the player in any other way.
  5. Spawning: Piglin Brutes can spawn within bastions in the Nether. They can also be found in groups, making them even more dangerous.
  6. Hostility towards other Mobs: Piglin Brutes are hostile towards almost all other mobs in the game, including other Piglins, Hoglins, and even Wither Skeletons. They will attack any mob that comes near them.

It is important to be cautious when dealing with Piglin Brutes, as their high damage and aggression can easily overwhelm unprepared players. It’s best to either avoid them altogether or engage in combat with proper armor and weapons.

How to Defeat Piglin Brutes in Minecraft

Piglin Brutes are a tougher variant of Piglins in Minecraft. They are aggressive and will not hesitate to attack players on sight. Here are some tips on how to defeat Piglin Brutes:

  1. Use ranged attacks: Piglin Brutes have a melee attack and can deal significant damage up close. It is advisable to engage them from a distance using ranged attacks like bows or crossbows.
  2. Wear protective armor: Piglin Brutes can deal a lot of damage, so it is important to wear armor with high protection and durability. Diamond armor or netherite armor are recommended.
  3. Employ crowd control tactics: If you find yourself in a situation where you are surrounded by Piglin Brutes, consider using crowd control tactics. This can include using splash potions of harming or creating a wall of blocks to separate yourself from the brutes.
  4. Stay mobile: Piglin Brutes have a slow movement speed, so staying mobile can help you avoid their attacks. Strafing and jumping around while attacking can make it more difficult for them to hit you.
  5. Bring healing items: In case you do get hit by a Piglin Brute, make sure to have healing items like potions or golden apples in your inventory. This will allow you to quickly recover and continue the fight.

Remember, Piglin Brutes are formidable foes, so it is always best to be prepared before engaging them in combat. With the right strategy and equipment, you can successfully defeat them and reap the rewards they drop.


What are Piglin Brutes in Minecraft?

Piglin Brutes are a hostile mob that was added to Minecraft in the Nether Update. They are a stronger variant of Piglins and are distinguished by their unique appearance and behavior.

How do Piglin Brutes differ from regular Piglins?

Piglin Brutes are stronger and more aggressive than regular Piglins. They have 25 hearts of health, as opposed to the 16 hearts of regular Piglins, and they do not have any interest in gold items. They will attack the player on sight, without any provocation.

What do Piglin Brutes drop when killed?

When killed, Piglin Brutes have a chance to drop various items, including gold ingots and golden helmets. However, they do not drop any items related to soul speed or bartering, unlike regular Piglins.

Can Piglin Brutes be pacified?

No, Piglin Brutes cannot be pacified with gold items like regular Piglins. They will always remain aggressive and will continue to attack the player on sight. It is best to avoid them or be prepared for a fight.

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