Discover How to Obtain the Coveted Cleanrot Armor Set in Elden Ring


How to get the Cleanrot armor set in Elden Ring

In the highly anticipated open-world action role-playing game, Elden Ring, one of the most sought-after armor sets is the Cleanrot Armor Set.

The Cleanrot Armor Set is renowned for its exceptional defensive capabilities and unique appearance, making it a must-have for any serious player looking to conquer the challenges of Elden Ring.

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To obtain this coveted armor set, players will need to embark on a perilous quest that will test their skills and determination. The Cleanrot Armor Set is guarded by powerful enemies known as the Cleanrot Knights, who are scattered throughout the game world.

Players must defeat these formidable opponents in battle to have a chance at obtaining a piece of the Cleanrot Armor Set. Each Cleanrot Knight drops a specific piece of the armor set, making it essential to defeat multiple knights to complete the set.

However, players should be aware that the Cleanrot Knights are not to be taken lightly. They possess formidable combat skills and are often accompanied by other enemies, making each encounter a challenging and thrilling experience.

Once players have collected all the pieces of the Cleanrot Armor Set, they will benefit from its impressive defensive properties, ensuring they can withstand even the most powerful attacks in the world of Elden Ring.

Obtaining the Cleanrot Armor Set is not for the faint of heart, but those who are willing to take on the challenge will be rewarded with an armor set that is both visually striking and highly effective in battle.

Discover How to Obtain the Coveted Cleanrot Armor Set in Elden Ring

The Cleanrot Armor Set is one of the most sought-after armor sets in Elden Ring, offering both impressive protection and a unique visual design. Obtaining this coveted set requires a bit of effort, but the rewards are well worth it.

To begin your journey towards acquiring the Cleanrot Armor Set, you must first locate the Cleanrot Knights. These formidable enemies can be found in the depths of the Cleanrot Caverns, a treacherous and dangerous area filled with traps and powerful foes.

Once you have made your way through the labyrinthine caverns and defeated the various enemies that stand in your path, you will eventually come across a large chamber. Inside this chamber, you will find the Cleanrot Knights guarding a hidden chest.

Defeating the Cleanrot Knights can be a challenging task, as they are skilled fighters with powerful attacks. It is important to approach the fight with caution and utilize your own combat abilities to their fullest extent. Utilize parries, dodges, and well-timed attacks to wear down their defenses and emerge victorious.

Once you have defeated the Cleanrot Knights, you can open the chest they were guarding to obtain the Cleanrot Armor Set. This set consists of several different pieces, including a helmet, chestplate, gauntlets, leggings, and boots. Each piece offers its own unique benefits, such as increased defense or resistance to certain types of damage.

Equipping the Cleanrot Armor Set will not only enhance your character’s defensive capabilities but also provide them with a distinct and striking appearance. The dark and imposing design of the armor is sure to make a statement as you traverse the vast and dangerous world of Elden Ring.

It’s also worth noting that the Cleanrot Armor Set can be upgraded using various materials found throughout the game. This allows you to further enhance its defensive properties and tailor it to your playstyle.

In conclusion, obtaining the Cleanrot Armor Set in Elden Ring requires adventurers to navigate treacherous caverns, defeat powerful enemies, and overcome numerous challenges. However, the reward of acquiring this coveted armor set makes the journey well worth it. So don your armor, sharpen your sword, and prepare to face the trials that await in Elden Ring.

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Step 1: Defeat the Cleanrot Knights

To obtain the coveted Cleanrot Armor Set in Elden Ring, players must first defeat the formidable Cleanrot Knights. These powerful enemies are known for their swift and relentless attacks, making the battle a true test of skill and strategy. Here are some tips to help you overcome this challenge:

  1. Prepare your equipment: Before facing the Cleanrot Knights, make sure you are equipped with high-quality weapons and armor. Upgrading your equipment and ensuring you have the necessary tools for battle will greatly increase your chances of success.
  2. Study their attack patterns: The Cleanrot Knights have a variety of deadly attacks, including quick sword strikes and powerful lunges. Take the time to observe their movements and learn their patterns. This knowledge will allow you to anticipate their attacks and react accordingly.
  3. Guard and dodge effectively: During the battle, both guarding and dodging will be crucial to your survival. Use your shield to block incoming attacks and only lower it when necessary to regain stamina. Dodging at the right moment will help you avoid the Cleanrot Knights’ devastating blows.
  4. Exploit their weaknesses: Like any enemy, the Cleanrot Knights have weaknesses that can be exploited. Experiment with different strategies and attack patterns to find their vulnerabilities. This might include targeting specific body parts or using certain types of magic or items.
  5. Stay patient and persistent: Defeating the Cleanrot Knights will require patience and persistence. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t succeed on your first attempt. Learn from each defeat and adjust your strategy accordingly. With enough practice, you will eventually emerge victorious.

By following these steps and honing your combat skills, you will increase your chances of defeating the Cleanrot Knights and obtaining the coveted Cleanrot Armor Set in Elden Ring. Good luck, and may your battles be victorious!

Step 2: Collect Rare Cleanrot Armor Pieces

The Cleanrot Armor Set in Elden Ring is a highly sought-after set of armor that offers exceptional defense and resistance to various types of damage. To collect all the pieces of this rare armor, you will need to explore and defeat specific enemies in the game.

  1. Cleanrot Helm: The Cleanrot Helm can be obtained by defeating the Cleanrot Knight boss, who can be found in the Blighted Woods. This boss is a powerful enemy, so make sure you are well-prepared before facing him.
  2. Cleanrot Chestplate: The Cleanrot Chestplate is a reward for completing a challenging side quest called “The Cleansing of the Rot.” This quest can be obtained from a non-playable character in the Sanctum of the Eldritch Sun. The quest involves battling through a series of tough enemies and solving puzzles, so be prepared for a difficult but rewarding journey.
  3. Cleanrot Gauntlets: To obtain the Cleanrot Gauntlets, you will need to defeat a group of elite Cleanrot Warriors in the Ruins of the Fallen. These warriors are known for their exceptional combat skills, so make sure you have a strong build and strategy before taking them on.

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4. Cleanrot Leggings: The Cleanrot Leggings can be acquired by defeating the Cleanrot Guardian, a mini-boss located in the Rotting Citadel. The Cleanrot Guardian is a formidable opponent, so make sure you have the necessary equipment and prepare for a tough battle. 5. Cleanrot Boots: The Cleanrot Boots are dropped by the Cleanrot Assassin, a rare enemy that can be found in the Ashen Hollow. The Cleanrot Assassin is known for its agility and stealth, so be prepared for a fast-paced and challenging fight.

Once you have collected all the pieces of the Cleanrot Armor Set, you will have a formidable and highly protective outfit to equip in your adventures in Elden Ring. Each piece of the armor provides unique bonuses and benefits, making it a valuable asset in your journey.

Step 3: Complete the Cleanrot Armor Set

Once you have obtained the Cleanrot Knight’s Gauntlet and Cleanrot Knight’s Helm from the previous steps, the next step is to complete the Cleanrot Armor Set. This powerful armor set will provide you with increased defense and resistance against various elements.

To complete the Cleanrot Armor Set, you will need to find and acquire the Cleanrot Knight’s Chestpiece and Cleanrot Knight’s Leggings. These pieces can be found in specific locations throughout the world of Elden Ring.

Find the Cleanrot Knight’s Chestpiece:

  1. Head to the Ashen Grove, a dense forest area located in the southeastern part of the map.
  2. Explore the area and be prepared to face off against tough enemies and challenging obstacles.
  3. After navigating through the forest and defeating any enemies you encounter, you will eventually come across a hidden cave entrance.
  4. Enter the cave and carefully make your way through its treacherous paths.
  5. In the deepest part of the cave, you will find a chest containing the Cleanrot Knight’s Chestpiece. Open the chest to obtain this crucial piece of the armor set.

Obtain the Cleanrot Knight’s Leggings:

  1. Travel to the Ruined Citadel, a crumbling fortress located in the northwestern part of the map.
  2. Explore the ruins and be prepared for intense battles with powerful enemies guarding the area.
  3. As you navigate through the citadel, keep an eye out for hidden passages and secret rooms.
  4. Eventually, you will come across a hidden chamber where the Cleanrot Knight’s Leggings are stored. Open the chest inside the chamber to obtain this final piece of the Cleanrot Armor Set.

Once you have acquired the Cleanrot Knight’s Chestpiece and Cleanrot Knight’s Leggings, you can now equip the complete Cleanrot Armor Set. This formidable armor will greatly enhance your character’s defensive capabilities, allowing you to tackle more dangerous enemies and challenges in Elden Ring.


What is the Cleanrot Armor Set in Elden Ring?

The Cleanrot Armor Set is a highly sought-after armor set in the game Elden Ring. It offers excellent protection and has unique bonuses that can enhance the player’s abilities.

How can I obtain the Cleanrot Armor Set in Elden Ring?

To obtain the Cleanrot Armor Set in Elden Ring, players need to complete a specific questline that involves defeating powerful bosses and collecting rare materials. The questline can be accessed by finding a hidden NPC in a specific area of the game.

What are the benefits of wearing the Cleanrot Armor Set?

The Cleanrot Armor Set provides various benefits to the player. It offers high physical defense, making it effective against enemy attacks. Additionally, the set has bonuses that increase the player’s stamina regeneration and resistance to status effects such as poison and bleed.

Are there any requirements to obtain the Cleanrot Armor Set in Elden Ring?

Yes, there are certain requirements that players must meet to obtain the Cleanrot Armor Set in Elden Ring. These requirements may include reaching a certain level, completing specific quests or defeating certain bosses. The specific details of the requirements are part of the questline and can be discovered as players progress through the game.

Is the Cleanrot Armor Set worth the effort to obtain in Elden Ring?

Yes, the Cleanrot Armor Set is considered one of the best armor sets in Elden Ring due to its excellent protection and unique bonuses. It is highly sought-after by players who want to maximize their character’s defensive capabilities and enhance their performance in battles against tough enemies and bosses.

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