Complete Guide: Installing Discord's Dad Bot and Using Every Command


Every command for Discord’s Dad Bot, and how to install it

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on installing and using Discord’s Dad Bot! Whether you’re new to Discord or a seasoned user, this guide will walk you through the process of setting up the Dad Bot and utilizing all of its available commands. The Dad Bot is a fun and interactive bot that brings jokes, puns, and dad-like humor to your Discord server. With its easy installation process and extensive command list, the Dad Bot is a great addition to any server looking to add some laughter and entertainment.

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To begin, you’ll first need to invite the Dad Bot to your Discord server. Simply follow the link provided in the description and authorize access to your server. Once the Dad Bot is added to your server, you’ll see a new Dad Bot role appear in your server’s member list. Make sure to give this role the necessary permissions to interact with channels and send messages. This will allow the Dad Bot to function properly and respond to commands.

Now that the Dad Bot is part of your server, it’s time to start using its commands! The Dad Bot offers a wide range of commands, including joke commands, pun commands, and even commands to generate dad-like responses to specific messages. To use a command, simply type the prefix followed by the command name. The default prefix for the Dad Bot is “!” but this can be changed if desired. For example, to tell the Dad Bot to tell a joke, you would type “!joke” in the chat. The Dad Bot will then respond with a hilarious dad joke that is sure to make your server members smile.

Not only does the Dad Bot offer pre-defined commands, but it also allows for customization and even the creation of your own commands. With the ability to create custom responses and trigger words, the Dad Bot can be tailored to fit the unique humor of your server. Whether you want to add your own dad jokes or create commands that respond to specific phrases, the Dad Bot’s customization options are endless. Simply follow the provided instructions in the Dad Bot’s documentation to learn how to create and manage custom commands.

So what are you waiting for? Install the Dad Bot on your Discord server today and bring some laughter and dad humor to your community. With its easy installation process and extensive command list, the Dad Bot is a must-have addition for any server looking to lighten the mood and entertain its members. Follow this guide and start enjoying all the dad jokes, puns, and humor that the Dad Bot has to offer!

Step-by-Step Guide to Installing Discord’s Dad Bot

Welcome to the step-by-step guide on how to install Discord’s Dad Bot. Dad Bot is a fun and interactive bot that adds some dad-style jokes and humor to your Discord server. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Create a Discord Bot:
  2. Go to the Discord Developer Portal website and login with your Discord account.
  3. Create a new application and give it a name.
  4. Go to the “Bot” tab and click on the “Add Bot” button to create a bot for your application.
  5. Copy the bot token, as you will need it later.
  6. Invite the Bot to Your Server:
  7. Go to the “OAuth2” tab in the Discord Developer Portal.
  8. Select the “bot” scope.
  9. Copy the generated invite link.
  10. Paste the invite link into your web browser and select the server you want to add the bot to.
  11. Authorize the bot by following the prompts.
  12. Install Node.js and Git:
  13. If you don’t already have Node.js installed, go to the official Node.js website and download the latest version for your operating system.
  14. If you don’t already have Git installed, go to the official Git website and download the latest version for your operating system.
  15. Follow the installation instructions for both Node.js and Git.
  16. Clone the Dad Bot Repository:
  17. Open a terminal or command prompt.
  18. Navigate to the directory where you want to clone the Dad Bot repository.
  19. Run the following command to clone the repository: git clone
  20. Install Dependencies:
  21. Navigate to the Dad Bot directory in the terminal or command prompt.
  22. Run the following command to install the required dependencies: npm install
  23. Configure the Bot:
  24. Rename the config.example.json file to config.json.
  25. Edit the config.json file and enter your bot token.
  26. Start the Bot:
  27. Run the following command to start the Dad Bot: npm start

Congratulations! You have successfully installed Discord’s Dad Bot. The bot should now be online and ready to use in your Discord server. Enjoy the dad jokes and have fun!

Downloading and Configuring the Bot

To download and configure Discord’s Dad Bot, follow these steps:

  1. First, make sure you have Node.js installed on your computer. You can download it from the official Node.js website.
  2. Next, open your command prompt or terminal and navigate to the directory where you want to download the Dad Bot.
  3. Clone the Dad Bot repository from GitHub by using the following command: git clone
  4. Once the repository is cloned, navigate into the Dad-Bot folder by using the command: cd Dad-Bot
  5. Now, install the necessary dependencies by running the command: npm install
  6. After the dependencies are installed, you need to create a configuration file. Rename the .env.example file to .env.
  7. Open the .env file in a text editor and fill in the required information. This includes your Discord bot token, which you can obtain by creating a new bot on the Discord Developer Portal.
  8. Save the .env file after filling in the necessary details.
  9. Now, you can start the Dad Bot by running the command: npm start
  10. The Dad Bot should now be online and ready to use on your Discord server.

Once the bot is running, you can invite it to your Discord server by generating an invite link through the Discord Developer Portal. Make sure to grant the necessary permissions for the bot to function properly.

With the Dad Bot successfully installed and configured, you can now enjoy all the features and commands it has to offer!

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Setting Up Custom Commands and Responses

One of the powerful features of Discord’s Dad Bot is the ability to set up custom commands and responses. This allows you to create your own commands that trigger specific actions or messages.

To set up a custom command, follow these steps:

  1. Open your Discord server and locate the Dad Bot in your server’s member list.
  2. Right-click on the Dad Bot and select “Message”.
  3. In the message box, type “!addcom” followed by the command name and the desired response. For example, “!addcom hello Hello, how are you?”
  4. Press Enter to send the command to the Dad Bot.
  5. Once the command is added, you can use it in the server by typing the command name in a chat message.

Note that custom commands are case-insensitive, meaning you can use uppercase or lowercase letters when invoking the command.

Here are a few examples of custom commands you can set up:

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!helloHello, how are you?
!goodbyeGoodbye, have a nice day!
!quote“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” - Oscar Wilde

Using custom commands can add a fun and personalized touch to your Discord server. Experiment with different commands and responses to create a unique experience for your community!

Exploring Advanced Bot Functions

Once you have installed Discord’s Dad Bot and familiarized yourself with its basic commands, you may be ready to explore its more advanced functions. These functions can enhance your Discord server experience and allow you to have more control over the bot’s behavior.

1. Custom Commands:

Discord’s Dad Bot allows you to create custom commands that trigger specific responses. This can be useful for automating repetitive tasks or creating personalized interactions. To create a custom command, use the !addcmd command, followed by the desired trigger and response. For example, !addcmd !hello Hello, how are you? would create a custom command that responds with “Hello, how are you?” when someone types !hello.

2. Role Management:

Discord’s Dad Bot can be used to manage roles within your server. You can assign roles to users based on specific criteria or create self-assignable roles. To manage roles, you can use commands such as !addrole to create a new role, !giverole to assign a role to a user, and !removerole to remove a role from a user.

3. Moderation Tools:

Discord’s Dad Bot includes several moderation tools to help you maintain a safe and inclusive server environment. Some of these tools include a profanity filter, antispam features, and the ability to kick or ban users. You can access these tools by using commands such as !filter to enable the profanity filter or !kick to kick a user from the server.

4. Music Player:

If you enjoy listening to music on Discord, Discord’s Dad Bot has a built-in music player that allows you to stream music from various sources. You can use commands like !play to play a song, !skip to skip to the next song, and !stop to stop the music playback.

5. Custom Reactions:

Discord’s Dad Bot also allows you to create custom reactions, which trigger specific responses based on user input. This can be useful for creating interactive experiences or adding humor to your server. You can use the !addreaction command to create a new custom reaction.

6. GIFs and Memes:

Discord’s Dad Bot has a wide range of GIFs and memes that you can use to spice up your server conversations. You can use commands like !gif to search for a GIF or !meme to generate a random meme.

These are just a few of the advanced functions that Discord’s Dad Bot offers. By exploring these functions, you can unlock new possibilities for your Discord server and enhance the overall user experience.


What is Discord’s Dad Bot?

Discord’s Dad Bot is a popular chatbot for the Discord platform. It is designed to provide a range of fun and useful commands for users to interact with.

How do I install Discord’s Dad Bot?

To install Discord’s Dad Bot, you need to have administrator privileges on a server. First, invite the bot to your server using the provided invitation link. Then, give it the necessary permissions. You can find detailed installation instructions in the article.

What are some of the commands that Discord’s Dad Bot supports?

Discord’s Dad Bot supports a wide range of commands. Some popular ones include: !quote, which generates a random dad joke; !flipcoin, which flips a virtual coin and gives you the result; and !fact, which provides interesting facts. You can find a complete list of commands in the article.

Can I customize Discord’s Dad Bot to add my own commands?

Yes, you can customize Discord’s Dad Bot to add your own commands. The bot provides a command called !addcommand, which allows you to create and add custom commands. You can define the command’s name, description, and script, and then use it in your server.

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