All shopkeepers and NPCs in Inkopolis in Splatoon 3


All the Shopkeepers and NPCs in Inkopolis: An Exploration of Splatoon 3’s Lively Hub

Welcome to Inkopolis, the vibrant city that serves as the central hub for all squid inhabitants in Splatoon 3. As you explore the streets filled with colorful graffiti, you’ll come across various shopkeepers and helpful NPCs who offer a range of services and essential items for your inkling adventures.

One of the most vital NPCs you’ll encounter is Sheldon, the weapon shopkeeper. With his sharp wit and encyclopedic knowledge of ink-based weaponry, Sheldon is your go-to guy for all things related to splatting opponents. From ink guns to sub weapons and special weapons, he has it all. Just make sure you’ve got enough coins to purchase these powerful tools of the trade.

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Next up is Jelonzo, the fashionable jellyfish who runs the clothing store. With his impeccable sense of style and eye for trends, Jelonzo offers a wide range of inkling apparel and accessories. Whether you’re looking for trendy headgear, stylish shoes, or snazzy shirts, Jelonzo has something for everyone. Don’t forget to check back frequently, as his inventory is updated regularly with the latest fashion trends.

No trip to Inkopolis is complete without a visit to Annie and Moe, the owners of Crusty Sean’s food truck. These hipster sea urchins serve up a delicious array of snacks and meals that not only satisfy your inkling’s hunger but also provide unique buffs and abilities for battles. From the classic squid fry to the famous crispy crunch burger, Crusty Sean’s is the place to refuel before heading back into the splatfest.

Lastly, we have Cap’n Cuttlefish, the wise old inkling who served as a commander in the Great Turf Wars. With his grizzled exterior and extensive experience, Cap’n Cuttlefish offers invaluable advice and guidance to help you navigate the world of Splatoon 3. Whether it’s tips on battling against tough opponents or uncovering hidden secrets, Cap’n Cuttlefish is the inkling to turn to when you need some expert assistance. Just be prepared for some quirky anecdotes along the way!

So, as you continue your squid-filled adventures in Splatoon 3, be sure to engage with these memorable shopkeepers and NPCs in Inkopolis. Learn from Sheldon, dress to impress with Jelonzo’s fashion choices, satisfy your cravings at Crusty Sean’s, and seek wisdom from Cap’n Cuttlefish. Together, they form an integral part of the lively inkling community that makes Splatoon 3 such a unique and vibrant gaming experience.

All Shopkeepers and NPCs in Inkopolis in Splatoon 3

Inkopolis, the vibrant city in Splatoon 3, is teeming with interesting characters and shops for players to explore. From stylish fashion gurus to quirky weapon merchants, there is something for everyone in this ink-filled world.

Fashion Shopkeepers

The Fashion Shopkeepers in Inkopolis are the go-to places for any squid or octoling looking to freshen up their style. These trendy individuals offer a variety of clothing options and accessories to help players stand out from the crowd. Some notable Fashion Shopkeepers include:

  • Ami: The fashionable octoling who specializes in headgear.
  • Claudia: The stylish squid who is known for her unique shoes.
  • Ryu: The charismatic inkling who sells a wide range of clothing.

Weapon Merchants

For those who prefer some good old-fashioned ink battling, the Weapon Merchants in Inkopolis are the place to go. These knowledgeable characters offer a variety of weapons and gear to help players dominate the turf. Some notable Weapon Merchants include:

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  • Sheldon: The inventor inkling who provides an array of powerful weapons.
  • Vera: The witty octoling who specializes in long-range weapons.
  • Buzz: The enthusiastic squid who sells special weapons and gear.

Other NPCs

In addition to Fashion Shopkeepers and Weapon Merchants, Inkopolis is home to various other NPCs that add life and personality to the city. These include:

  • Marina: The talented octoling singer who often performs in Inkopolis Square.
  • Pearl: The spunky inkling rapper who is Marina’s close friend and collaborator.
  • Jelfonzo: The nimble shrimp who owns the trendy shoe store “Ye Olde Shoe Shoppe”.

These are just a few examples of the diverse characters players will encounter while exploring Inkopolis in Splatoon 3. Whether you’re looking for stylish new clothes or powerful weapons, there is always someone in Inkopolis ready to help you on your journey. So grab your ink shooter and dive into this colorful world!

List of Shopkeepers

  • Fred Crumbs - A charismatic lizard who runs a snack stand. He sells tasty snacks and drinks to keep players energized during battles. Fred Crumbs is known for his catchy jingles and cheerful demeanor.
  • Jelly Fresh - A fashionable jellyfish who owns a clothing store. Jelly Fresh offers a wide range of stylish clothing items that can be customized and worn in battles. She is popular among Inklings and Octolings for her trendy fashion sense.
  • Spike - A spiky-haired sea urchin who specializes in selling rare and powerful weapons. Spike is the go-to shopkeeper for Inklings and Octolings looking to upgrade their arsenal. He provides a variety of weapons with different abilities and playstyles.
  • Murch - A quirky little sea anemone who operates a gear shop. Murch offers a diverse selection of gear items that provide various stat boosts and abilities. Players can continuously visit Murch to discover new gear and improve their gameplay strategies.
  • Sheldon - A knowledgeable horseshoe crab who runs an ammunition store. Sheldon provides players with access to different types of ink-based weapons and sub-weapons. In addition, he offers weapon upgrades and modifications to enhance their performance in battles.

These are just a few of the shopkeepers players will encounter in Inkopolis. Each shopkeeper offers unique services and products that are essential for players’ progression and customization in Splatoon 3.

List of NPCs

  • Shopkeepers:
  • Fred Crumbs: Sells various weapons and gear at Ammo Knights.
  • Sheldon: Sells advanced weapons and gear at Ammo Knights.
  • Annie and Moe: Sells exclusive items and gear at Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe.
  • Crusty Sean: Sells food tickets and gear at Crusty Sean’s Fine Seafood.
  • Jelan Cuttlefish: Sells clothing and gear related to Cuttles brand at Cuttles Cuttlefish Corner.
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  • Inkopolis Square:
  • Pearl and Marina: Perform as the pop duo Off the Hook and provide important updates and challenges.
  • Squid Sisters: Marie and Callie offer their services as idols and provide advice and support.
  • Cap’n Cuttlefish: A veteran squid who gives you missions and strategic advice.
  • Other NPCs:
  • Judd: A referee who appears during and after online multiplayer battles, providing performance evaluation.
  • Li’l Judd: An apprentice of Judd who appears in single-player mode and provides feedback on player performance.
  • Mr. Grizz: Runs Grizzco Industries, where players can participate in special cooperative multiplayer modes.
  • Octavio: The main antagonist of the game, a DJ who uses music to control Octarians.
  • Agent 3: The protagonist from the previous game who offers guidance and assistance.


Who are the shopkeepers and NPCs in Inkopolis in Splatoon 3?

In Splatoon 3, there are several shopkeepers and NPCs that players can interact with in Inkopolis. Some of the shopkeepers include Annie and Moe from Ammo Knights, Jelfonzo from Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe, and Sheldon from Ammo Knights. There are also various NPCs that players can encounter throughout the city.

What are the different shops and services available in Inkopolis?

In Inkopolis, players can visit different shops and avail various services. Ammo Knights, run by Annie and Moe, sells weapons and gear for players to use. Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe, owned by Jelfonzo, offers a range of clothing options for players to customize their characters. There are also other shops and facilities such as the Food Truck, where players can purchase and consume snacks, and the Shoal, where players can engage in multiplayer battles.

What other activities can players do in Inkopolis?

In addition to interacting with shopkeepers and exploring the various shops, players can engage in different activities in Inkopolis. They can participate in multiplayer battles with players from around the world, join tournaments and ranked battles, and take on various missions and challenges. Players can also customize their characters, purchase new gear and weapons, and unlock new abilities to improve their gameplay.

Are there any hidden secrets or Easter eggs in Inkopolis?

Yes, there are several hidden secrets and Easter eggs scattered throughout Inkopolis in Splatoon 3. Players can discover hidden passageways, uncover special items, and even find secret mini-games by exploring the city. Additionally, there are often special events and limited-time promotions that players can participate in and unlock exclusive rewards.

What is the overall atmosphere and design of Inkopolis in Splatoon 3?

Inkopolis in Splatoon 3 has a vibrant and futuristic design, with a mix of modern and urban elements. The city is filled with colorful buildings, neon lights, and unique architectural structures. The overall atmosphere is lively and energetic, reflecting the trendy and fashionable nature of the game’s world. The layout of the city is also designed to facilitate exploration and provide different areas for players to discover.

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