All Onryo Strengths and Weaknesses in Phasmophobia


All Onryo strengths and weaknesses in Phasmophobia

The Onryo is a vengeful spirit that can be encountered in the horror game Phasmophobia. This ghost type is known for its ability to manipulate objects and exhibit poltergeist-like behavior. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the Onryo is crucial for successfully identifying and dealing with this entity.

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The Onryo has several strengths that make it a formidable enemy in Phasmophobia. One of its main strengths is its ability to move objects and interact with the environment. This ghost can throw items, close doors, and create general chaos in the haunted location. Additionally, the Onryo is known to be highly aggressive and will often attack players more frequently than other ghost types.

Another strength of the Onryo is its affinity for darkness. This ghost is most active in dimly lit areas, making it harder to detect and capture. It can also manipulate light sources, causing sudden changes in brightness or turning off lights completely. This ability adds to the overall atmosphere of fear and uncertainty in the game.


Despite its strengths, the Onryo has a few weaknesses that can be exploited by players. One of these weaknesses is its vulnerability to smudging. Using a smudge stick on the Onryo will prevent it from entering its hunting phase for a short period of time, giving players a chance to regroup and strategize.

Another weakness of the Onryo is its aversion to salt. Placing salt around the haunted area can deter the ghost and restrict its movement. This can be especially useful in narrow spaces or doorways, where the Onryo may be more likely to appear.

Finally, the Onryo is also sensitive to light particles emitted by a glowstick. Players can use this item to reveal the ghost’s presence and track its movements. It is important to note, however, that the Onryo may still attack even when exposed to light.

Overall, the Onryo is a challenging ghost to deal with in Phasmophobia. Its abilities to manipulate objects and thrive in darkness make it a formidable opponent. However, by utilizing its weaknesses and employing effective strategies, players can increase their chances of survival and successfully complete their ghost-hunting mission.

All Onryo Strengths and Weaknesses in Phasmophobia

The Onryo is a type of ghost in Phasmophobia that players can encounter during investigations. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of this ghost is crucial for effectively dealing with its haunting presence.

* The Onryo is less aggressive when players are far away.
  • It becomes more active if provoked or if players are near its resting place.
  • The Onryo has the ability to move objects and throw them at high speeds.
  • It can manipulate electronic devices and cause them to malfunction. | * Using a Smudge Stick on the Onryo will temporarily prevent it from moving for a short period.
  • Salt can briefly slow down the Onryo’s movement and cause it to leave a visible footstep trail.
  • The Onryo is more vulnerable to Crucifixes, which can temporarily halt its aggression.
  • Players can identify the Onryo by using a Spirit Box, as it will respond when asked questions.
  • Recording EMF Level 5 with an EMF Reader confirms the presence of the Onryo. |

It is important to note that the strength and weakness of ghosts can vary from one game to another, as the game’s AI is adaptive and constantly changing. Therefore, players should always be prepared to adapt their strategies based on the specific behavior of the Onryo they encounter during their investigation.

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Understanding the Onryo Abilities

The Onryo is a vengeful spirit that haunts locations in Phasmophobia. Understanding its abilities can help you better prepare and survive encounters with this particular ghost type.

  • Ghost Type: Onryo
  • Active Abilities:
Ability NameDescription
Ghost Event: WhisperingThe Onryo can emit whispers, making it easier to locate its presence within the haunted location.
Ghost Event: Ghost OrbSimilar to other ghosts, the Onryo can also produce ghost orbs. These orbs can be captured with a video camera and are visible evidence of the ghost’s presence.
Ghost Event: Moving ObjectsThe Onryo has the ability to move nearby objects, indicating its presence and potentially causing additional fear in players.
Ghost Event: Disembodied VoiceThe Onryo can produce disembodied voices, further adding to the eerie atmosphere of the haunted location.
  • Weaknesses:
  • The Onryo has no specific weaknesses, making it a challenging ghost to deal with.
  • Tips for Dealing with the Onryo:
  • Use a video camera: Set up video cameras in strategic locations to capture evidence of ghost orbs, which are crucial for identifying the Onryo.
  • Listen for whispers: Pay attention to any whispers or faint voices, as they can indicate the presence of the Onryo.
  • Watch out for moving objects: If objects are mysteriously moving around, it’s a clear sign that the Onryo is nearby.
  • Work together: Teamwork is essential when dealing with the Onryo as its abilities can spread fear among players. Communication and support are crucial for survival.

Remember, understanding the abilities and weaknesses of the Onryo is the key to surviving encounters with this vengeful spirit. Good luck and stay safe!

Exploiting the Onryo’s Vulnerabilities

The Onryo, a vengeful spirit that manifests as a pale woman in a white dress, has its own set of strengths and weaknesses in the game Phasmophobia. Understanding these vulnerabilities can help investigators effectively deal with this haunting entity.


  1. Smudging: The Onryo can be temporarily pacified by smudging its vicinity with a smudge stick. This provides a short window of relief during which the spirit won’t attack.
  2. Sanity: The Onryo’s visibility and aggression are directly affected by the sanity levels of the investigators. Higher sanity levels make it harder for the Onryo to manifest and haunt.
  3. Crucifix: Placing a crucifix in the area where the Onryo is known to appear can prevent it from initiating a hunt. However, the crucifix effectiveness range is limited.
  4. Ghost Room: Identifying the room where the Onryo is most active and avoiding it can minimize encounters and potential harm.


  • Fast Movement: The Onryo is one of the fastest ghosts and can quickly close the distance between itself and the investigators.
  • Mind Games: The Onryo is known to frequently switch rooms, making it harder to track and locate. Investigators need to rely on other evidence to confirm its presence.
  • Evidence Difficulty: The Onryo’s ghost type is challenging to identify as it requires additional investigation and evidence. It should not be assumed based on initial encounters or behavior.

By exploiting the Onryo’s weaknesses and understanding its strengths, investigators can increase their chances of survival and successfully gather the required evidence to complete the mission.

Effective Strategies for Dealing with the Onryo

The Onryo is a vengeful spirit that can be a daunting challenge to deal with in Phasmophobia. However, with the right strategies and knowledge, players can effectively face and survive encounters with this relentless ghost.

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Here are some effective tactics to employ when dealing with the Onryo:

  • Essential Equipment: It is crucial to have the necessary tools before facing the Onryo. Equip yourself with a flashlight, EMF reader, spirit box, and a video camera for recording evidence.
  • Identification: To confirm the presence of an Onryo, check for freezing temperatures using a thermometer. This ghost can cause the surrounding temperature to drop significantly, often below freezing.
  • Prevent an Onryo Attack: Onryos have the ability to attack from a distance and can swiftly drain sanity. To prevent an attack, stay in well-lit areas. Utilize a strong flashlight to increase your visibility and decrease the chance of being targeted.
  • Communicate Using a Spirit Box: The Onryo responds well to the spirit box, so it is worth using it to try and establish communication. Ask questions and listen for any relevant responses. This can provide important clues about the ghost’s identity.
  • Use Salt: Placing salt around doorways and common ghost paths can reveal the presence of an Onryo. The ghost will leave footprints in the salt, providing valuable evidence for your investigation.
  • Stay Close to Teammates: Stick together with your team during an Onryo encounter. This will not only provide a sense of safety but also increase your chances of spotting ghostly activity and gathering evidence.
  • Sanity Management: Onryos have a significant impact on player sanity levels. Make sure to monitor your sanity and take sanity pills if needed. Additionally, staying near a light source and avoiding intervals of darkness will help mitigate sanity loss.

By following these effective strategies, players can increase their chances of surviving encounters with the Onryo and successfully gather the evidence needed to complete the investigation.


What is an Onryo in Phasmophobia?

An Onryo is a type of ghost in Phasmophobia. It is a vengeful spirit that seeks revenge for the wrongs done to it during its lifetime.

What are the strengths of an Onryo in Phasmophobia?

An Onryo has the ability to move at a faster speed when hunting and is also known to be able to move through walls and doors.

What are the weaknesses of an Onryo in Phasmophobia?

An Onryo’s weaknesses include being vulnerable to Smudging with a Smudge Stick and having a smaller chance of attacking when players are in a group.

How can I protect myself from an Onryo in Phasmophobia?

To protect yourself from an Onryo, you can use a Crucifix to prevent it from entering its hunting phase. You can also use a Smudge Stick to temporarily prevent it from attacking and buy yourself some time.

What evidence can I gather to identify an Onryo in Phasmophobia?

To identify an Onryo, you can look for freezing temperatures, ghost orbs, and ghost writing. These are the three types of evidence that are specific to an Onryo.

How does an Onryo behave in Phasmophobia?

An Onryo will typically wander around the location it is haunting, but when it enters its hunting phase, it becomes more aggressive and will actively seek out and attack players.

Are Onryos more dangerous than other ghosts in Phasmophobia?

Onryos can be considered more dangerous than other ghosts due to their ability to move at an increased speed during hunts and their ability to pass through walls and doors. However, their susceptibility to certain countermeasures can help players defend themselves.

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