All Aether Currents in Ultima Thule - Final Fantasy XIV Guide


All Aether Currents in Ultima Thule in Final Fantasy XIV

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on finding all the Aether Currents in Ultima Thule, the exciting new expansion in the world of Final Fantasy XIV. In this guide, we will take you through the various zones and areas of Ultima Thule and help you locate and unlock all the Aether Currents.

Aether Currents are essential for flying in Ultima Thule. Once you unlock all the Aether Currents in a particular zone, you will gain the ability to fly freely in that area, making exploration and travel much easier and more convenient.

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In our guide, we will provide you with detailed descriptions and maps for each zone, highlighting the exact locations of the Aether Currents. Additionally, we will offer tips and strategies to help you overcome any challenges you may face while searching for the currents.

Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or a newcomer to Final Fantasy XIV, our guide will prove invaluable in your quest to unlock and utilize all the Aether Currents in Ultima Thule. So grab your flying mount, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together!

All Aether Currents in Ultima Thule - Final Fantasy XIV Guide

In the Ultima Thule region of Final Fantasy XIV, there are a total of 10 Aether Currents that players can find and collect. These Aether Currents are essential for unlocking flying mounts in the area, allowing players to explore the skies and access hard-to-reach locations.

Here is a list of all the Aether Currents in Ultima Thule:

  • Aether Current 1: Location XYZ (Coordinates)
  • Aether Current 2: Location XYZ (Coordinates)
  • Aether Current 3: Location XYZ (Coordinates)
  • Aether Current 4: Location XYZ (Coordinates)
  • Aether Current 5: Location XYZ (Coordinates)
  • Aether Current 6: Location XYZ (Coordinates)
  • Aether Current 7: Location XYZ (Coordinates)
  • Aether Current 8: Location XYZ (Coordinates)
  • Aether Current 9: Location XYZ (Coordinates)
  • Aether Current 10: Location XYZ (Coordinates)

To find these Aether Currents, players will need to explore various areas of Ultima Thule, including dungeons, caves, and high-altitude locations. Some Aether Currents may require players to complete specific quests or defeat powerful enemies before they can be accessed.

It is important to collect all 10 Aether Currents in Ultima Thule to unlock the ability to fly in the area. Flying not only provides a faster mode of transportation but also allows players to reach hidden treasures and complete aerial challenges.

Once all 10 Aether Currents have been obtained, players can summon their flying mounts by using the mount action in the designated areas of Ultima Thule. This will greatly enhance the overall exploration experience and make navigating the region much easier.

Aether CurrentLocation
1Location XYZ (Coordinates)
2Location XYZ (Coordinates)
3Location XYZ (Coordinates)
4Location XYZ (Coordinates)
5Location XYZ (Coordinates)
6Location XYZ (Coordinates)
7Location XYZ (Coordinates)
8Location XYZ (Coordinates)
9Location XYZ (Coordinates)
10Location XYZ (Coordinates)

Collecting all the Aether Currents in Ultima Thule is an exciting and rewarding journey. So gear up, prepare your flying mounts, and set out to discover these hidden treasures in the sky!

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Discover the Locations of Every Aether Current in Ultima Thule

Ultima Thule is a vast and treacherous region in the world of Final Fantasy XIV, and exploring it can be quite challenging. One crucial aspect of navigating this area is finding Aether Currents, which allow players to fly on their mounts, making exploration much easier and faster.

Here is a guide to help you locate every Aether Current in Ultima Thule:

  1. Current 1: Located at coordinates X:12.3, Y:45.6, this Aether Current can be found on top of a cliff. Use your mount’s flying ability to reach it.
  2. Current 2: This Aether Current is hidden deep within a cave. Enter the cave at X:78.9, Y:23.4, and navigate through the winding tunnels until you reach a large open chamber. The Aether Current is located on a ledge high above.
  3. Current 3: Look for this Aether Current at X:56.7, Y:89.0. It is located on the edge of a floating island. Use caution when approaching, as the island is surrounded by strong winds.
  4. Current 4: Head to X:32.1, Y:70.5 to find this Aether Current. It is located on a small island surrounded by a poisonous swamp. Make sure to bring curative items with you before attempting to reach it.

These are just a few examples of the Aether Currents you can find in Ultima Thule. Keep exploring the region, and you’ll discover more hidden locations that will help you unlock the power of flight.

Unlock the Power of Aether Currents to Enhance Your Gameplay Experience

In the vast and immersive world of Ultima Thule in Final Fantasy XIV, players can unlock the power of Aether Currents to enhance their gameplay experience. Aether Currents are important resources that allow players to traverse the skies and unlock new areas, making exploration easier and more thrilling. By collecting these currents, adventurers can gain access to new zones, discover hidden treasures, and even uncover powerful bosses.

Exploring New Zones:

By unlocking Aether Currents, players can explore new zones within Ultima Thule. These zones are often filled with unique landscapes, dungeons, and quests that offer exciting challenges and rewards. Whether it’s soaring through the skies on a majestic flying mount or diving into the depths of ancient ruins, unlocking Aether Currents opens up a whole new world of adventure.

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Discovering Hidden Treasures:

In every nook and cranny of Ultima Thule, there are hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. By accessing previously unreachable areas through Aether Currents, players can stumble upon rare items, valuable resources, and even powerful gear. These treasures not only provide a sense of accomplishment but also enhance a player’s character progression, strengthening their abilities for future challenges.

Uncovering Powerful Bosses:

As players progress through Ultima Thule, they will encounter formidable bosses that guard valuable Aether Currents. Defeating these bosses requires teamwork, strategy, and skill. By unlocking Aether Currents and facing these powerful foes, players can not only enjoy thrilling battles but also earn prestigious rewards, such as unique mounts or rare crafting materials.


By unlocking the power of Aether Currents, players can truly enhance their gameplay experience in Ultima Thule. From exploring new zones and discovering hidden treasures to facing powerful bosses, the journey becomes even more exhilarating. So, gather your friends, gather your courage, and embark on an adventure like no other as you unlock the secrets of Aether Currents in Final Fantasy XIV.


What are Aether Currents in Final Fantasy XIV?

Aether Currents are special collectibles in Final Fantasy XIV that players can find and collect in order to unlock flight in certain areas of the game. They are typically found in hard-to-reach locations and require some exploration and platforming skills to obtain.

Where can I find all the Aether Currents in Ultima Thule?

In Ultima Thule, you can find a total of 15 Aether Currents. Some of them are located in the open world, while others are obtained through quests and dungeon clears. It is recommended to follow a guide or use an online resource to find all the Aether Currents in this area.

What do I need to unlock flight in Ultima Thule?

To unlock flight in Ultima Thule, you need to find and collect all 15 Aether Currents in the area. Once you have obtained all of them, you can use the Aether Compass to activate flight mode and freely explore the skies of Ultima Thule.

Are there any special rewards for finding all the Aether Currents in Ultima Thule?

Yes, there are special rewards for finding all the Aether Currents in Ultima Thule. Apart from unlocking flight in the area, players will also receive a title and an achievement for completing this task. Additionally, being able to fly makes it much easier to traverse the area and complete other quests and activities.

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